Monday, May 18, 2009

When Michael plays the hypothetical game, I always say yes.

I got scared about what this weekend was going to hold when A) the Dragons lost and B) the weather was total shit on Saturday. I should have known better, though. First of all, the Dragons losing is not that unusual. And SECOND OF ALL, the weather in Ohio is completely unpredictable AND NOW LET ME TELL YOU A STORY I'M SURE I'VE TOLD BEFORE but I don't care so shut up and listen. This one time? I was moving. And we packed up my old apartment on a Friday night AND IT SNOWED. But then the next day, it was like 65 and sunny and beautiful. This happened in April. True story.

Anyway. Joe and I went to Yellow Springs on Saturday to walk around the cute little shops, but it soon started raining and I got whiny so we left. But not before seeing Dave Chappelle. After Dave Chappelle ran away to Africa and quit show business or whatever, he moved back to Yellow Springs so he could spend the rest of his days getting high and walking around town so Ohioans could go visit Yellow Springs and later regale their friends with stories like, "OMG I SAW DAVE CHAPPELLE AND A PTERODACTYL*." True story.

We all watched The Reader Saturday night which . . . wow, depressing. I mean, I expected it to be depressing but WOW. Then yesterday I thought about watching Once, but I decided not to because I'm almost out of tissues. That's not true. I have lots of tissues, I just didn't want to sit inside all day BECAUSE . . .

in true Ohio fashion, the weather on Sunday turned BEAUTIFUL. So Joe and I went back to Yellow Springs but we didn't see Dave Chappelle this time. Then we went to dinner with Joe's parents and his mom hemmed some of my pants because I am The Short and all my pant legs drag on the ground. We eventually got home, after a short (unnecessary) trip to Target, and Tamara brought us delicious cupcakes. Then we talked about poop and farting. So, you know, good weekend.

*We also saw a pterodactyl. Joe thinks it was just a big hawk BUT I KNOW BETTER.


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Dave hangs in town like any other townie, with his mother, or other relatives, or his wife and kids and is a devoted family man. He likes it here because people generally leave him alone and respect his privacy. Never heard of him or seen him be high, and considering his devotion to his faith that is hardly likely (although considering the gossip mags and news it is understandable people have the wrong impression about him-ps: he didn't give up show biz just the tv show).

    People do seem to get a kick out of seeing him or sometimes his famous friends :)

    jafagirl of yellow springs

  2. Unfortunately, most of my Dave Chappelle knowledge comes from Half Baked, thus the bad high jokes.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Um? Are people sticking up for all celebrities on blogs or just Dave Chappelle? Because everything Jennie writes is true.

    Also, I've seen Dave Chappelle almost every time I go to yellow springs. The last time I was eating outside and he STARED AT ME while passing by on his skateboard wearing a wife beater tee. Here people are doing everything in their power NOT TO STARE AT HIM, and HE STARED AT ME. Unfair. Stop it Dave! So I decided the next time I see him, I am staring. True. Story.

  4. Also Joe wanted Ham cupcakes but he'll have to settle for Bacon

  5. Tam, it's not his fault you're so beautiful that he has to stare. But yeah, seriously, STARE AWAY next time you see him.

  6. Bacon cupcakes sound better than ham cupcakes. I don't know why.

  7. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I live in yellow springs Tam, his family and friends live here and so it is natural to want to stick up for people you are know. Sorry :(


    ps. hope you are able to come and get in a good stare, although he usually has his wife and kids nearby ;) and have a nice day.

  8. omg, I just saw The Reader too. And hell yeah, that was one sad movie. When he started to visit her in prison and then changed her mind, and she was just sitting there! *sniff* And then she was all old! Argh.

    However now Eric and I cannot stop saying, "The lady with the little dog!" in a cute accent to each other. We are dorks.

  9. (oops, i meant he changed HIS mind. he did not do a vulcan mind-bend on HER mind.)

  10. I have nothing to say except DON'T EVER LEAVE THE INTERNETS OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU. You know, metaphorically. And then I will bring you back to life so you can post again and again thank you very much.