Friday, April 30, 2004

Oh my god, Jennie, go to bed.

reasons today was awesome

W Day.

We were inducted as Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae tonight, which, I'll admit, is somewhat bittersweet, but it means we had 3 great years as Gamma Phis here at Witt.

Friends . . . Ross and Rachel did not only kiss, but they made out. And since my love life is nonexistent at this point, I will live vicariously through fictional characters on TV.

Also Friends related? There was a preview that said the Friends finale is 2 hours long next Thursday. 2 HOURS!

We had a picnic in our backyard.

We found out Vanilla Ice is headlining Wittfest. So while we can't get stars of today, such as John Mayer or Guster (hello, Purdue) at least we can get a star from the 80s who had one hit. If he doesn't sing it I'll be sorely disappointed and will proceed directly to McMurray's to see American Cherry. Because I'm sure I'll get more out of that than from Vanilla Ice. Ahem.

And finally, today was awesome because of my FF. Heehee.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

dubya day . . . not the bad dubya, though

I love how my last post reads like I'm accepting an award or something, with all the thank yous and the happy.

It's W Day, which is awesome, because there's such a celebratory mood on campus. I don't understand why professors even bother to hold class on W Day. I wish I could participate, but I think I participated a little too much last night. But it was my birthday, so that's OK.

So, I should be doing work, because we have alumni induction at the house later, plus the senior picture, and it's also senior night at Station. And, most importantly, Friends is new tonight. Can't miss that, ya know.

and the award goes to . . .

Thanks to everyone who came out for my birthday! I heart all of you! Obviously. I'm a little confused, though, cause I thought the Phi Psis were out by Wally collecting money, but we went back out there about an hour ago and . . . nobody. Weird. Maybe I hallucinated everything.

Thanks, Rill, though, for taking us to Taco Bell in your van with the couches in the backseat. And Mary, who helped me figure out that Paul Rudd was in The Object of My Affection with Jennifer Aniston. And, thanks to Brien and Pat for giving me birthday shots even though I didn't need them after the Incredible Hulk. Look how well I'm typing, though, and it's after 4 in the morning!

Go me!

I'm 22!

I do what I want!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

21 the sequel

It's my birthday, and since I had so much fun last year turning 21, I've decided to do it again.

22? No. I'm 21 again.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

erotic photo hunt . . . we are the winners!

Good news, though! I didn't win anything at crab races, but we beat the high score on erotic photo hunt!

So now I suck at life a tiny bit less. Yaaaaaaaaaay.

i suck at life

Sigh. Apparently I am a horrible person.

It's good to know these things.

Monday, April 26, 2004

happy birthday to everyone

What is up with all the birthdays? Nicole, Darcy, Heidi, KTC, mine . . . ok, it seemed like more a second ago.

Last night was insane. That's all I'm saying. In. Sane.

It's senior week! Yaaaaaay!


Sunday, April 25, 2004

my new friend, tito

I just watched Kill Bill. It was really graphic, which I was expecting, but they did it in such an unrealistic way that it wasn't difficult to watch. There was a lot of blood spurting, though. I really want to buy the soundtrack now. The music throughout the movie was awesome.

I can't believe it's Sunday and I've let another weekend slip by without having done anything productive. On Friday Stiffie, Heidi and I saw 13 Going on 30, which was better than I expected it to be. I mean, I was expecting it to be entertaining, but I was surprised that I laughed pretty much constantly throughout the movie. It was like Big for girls. There's this one part in the movie where everyone is at a party, and no one is dancing, so Jennifer Garner has the DJ play Thriller and everyone gets up and does the dance. So funny.

Yesterday morning I went to a memorial service for my Uncle Al, which was really nice. I got to see some family that I hadn't seen in a while, and as always, they were full of stories. My favorite being the time my dad and uncle John were at their aunt and uncle's house, playing Lost in Space outside with their cousins. Apparently, at some point, the weather got really bad, it started raining, wind was blowing stuff everywhere, etc. Well, they all stand outside and watch this happen, and they found out later that it wasn't just bad weather, it was a tornado. So, they stood outside and watched a tornado go by, then it got sunny again and they went back to playing Lost in Space. This is my family. Hee.

Yesterday afternoon Mary, Janna, Danielle and I went to the reservoir (that's a really hard word to spell) with squirt guns and the inflatable goal post that Lampl won at crab races. We found a drinking fountain and proceeded to have a squirt gun fight. Then we saw some little kids watching, so we gave them squirt guns, too, and played with them for a while. It was hilarious. One of them was named Tito, and he was probably 2 or 3, and he kept running straight at the goal post and tackling it, then giggling like it was the funniest thing ever.

Then we drove around campus squirting people from Mary's car. So fun.

Because we're 5.

Friday, April 23, 2004

this area is hoochie-free

Just so everyone knows, I don't have anything against all 18-year-olds. After all, my sister is one of them. Just the hoochie-mama-crack-whore 18-year-olds that tend to frequent McMurray's on Thursday nights.

Stiffie, Heidi and I are going to go see 13 Going on 30 this afternoon (if Stiffie ever wakes up) so hopefully that will allow me to get in touch with my inner teenager and remember the time when I was such an enormous dumbass.

Not that I'm not still a dumbass, I'm just a dumbass in a completely different way now.

old at 22

We went to the bar tonight (yesterday, whatever) and it was fine, so much fun, until all the little 18-year-old-if-I-dress-like-a-hoochie-mama-crack-whore-some-old-creepy-townie-will-buy-me-a-drink-and-probably-slip-me-the-date-rape-drug-but-I-don't-care-because-I'm-such-a-slut got there.

Maybe I'm just old (and at (almost) 22, I guess I was) but I have more fun at the bar sitting around, drinking a pitcher and hanging out and talking with my friends than hanging all over guys that work at the bar, hoping they won't kick me out because I'm underage (which, granted, I'm not).

And even though I'm only (almost) 22, I had a total Sex and the City moment in the bathroom tonight. Two girls were standing in front of the mirror, talking about how they spilled beer on their shirts and wondering what to do about it when I told them to dry it under the hand dryer. Which they did, and then said "Oh wow, it worked. See . . . we should just listen to the older girls, they know what to do!"

Ok, it's not because I'm an "older girl" you teenage piece of shit . . . it's freaking common sense. You have something wet on your shirt? Oh, wow, the hand dryer blows HOT AIR, you dumbass! What a concept!


Thursday, April 22, 2004

un milagro

It's a miracle! It's only 6 PM and I've already finished my homework.

It must be because Friends is new tonight. And I must prepare.

Not really, but whatever.

you stole my baby so i stole your embryos

Passions is getting ridiculous, even for this show. They are now the proud owners of the Best Line Ever, when Theresa (Telesa! Miha!) says, "You stole my baby so I stole your embryos." Dear god.

That reminds me, last night I had a dream that I had a baby all of the sudden. The scary thing was, at no point in the dream was I actually pregnant or did I go into labor, I just all of the sudden was holding this tiny baby. And my parents were mad because I didn't know where it came from.


mmm, spaghetti

Why is it we have a couple days of really nice weather, I mean really INCREDIBLE-are-we-still-in-Ohio weather, and then it turns to total shit. It rained all day yesterday, even during the Spaghetti Dinner, and everyone knows it's not supposed to rain for the Spaghetti Dinner. It's against the rules.

How sad is it that I've been really excited all day because there's a new episode of Friends on tonight? And I don't mean a little bit excited. I mean, it's-my-birthday-and-I-think-I-might-win-the-lottery-on-the-same-day excited.



Also? I just looked at the counter thingie on my blog that counts all the times people come to my page, and it's almost to 1000. How exciting!

Ok, I know you're not excited, but you could at least pretend.

good times, good times

We just watched four episodes of Sex and the City. It was like old times. And by old times, I mean, you know, a month and a half ago. Heh.

Time for bed. I still don't think I'm caught up on sleep yet, from all the non-sleep I got last weekend and the beginning of this week. Yay for sleep!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

seth green the hobbit

Hee. I'm watching That 70's Show, and they were all playing putt-putt. Eric hit the ball really hard and it hit the windmill and flew back and hit Seth Green in the forehead.

I think someone was watching that day 4 years ago when I did the same thing, only my ball hit MY forehead, not someone else's.

I should sue.

Also? Seth Green is so tiny. Like a hobbit. If he'd been in Lord of the Rings, they wouldn't have had to use computers to make everyone else look huge.

I still love him, though

thesis, shmesis

Yay! I'm done with my senior thesis! And I passed! Yay! I just want to say thank you to everyone for encouraging me. And thanks to Kate, Janna, Stiffie, and Nicole for going to the bar last night. It was a blast.

Today is Spaghetti Dinner day, and I am once again reminded that I'm so happy not to be in charge of this event anymore. Especially since it's all rainy today. That added stress is so not necessary.

I'm about to go to the grocery. I've needed to go since before Easter, but I've put it off until now. Oops.

Last night I had a dream that someone came into our house and stole our sofa. Yeah. I don't know either.

Monday, April 19, 2004

i'm never sleeping again

All this work better be worth it. If I don't do well on my thesis defense tomorrow, I fail the class and have to stay at Wittenberg for another year.

So far I've f-ed up my sleep cycle, made a huge mess of my room, had a major freakout, complete with tears, I can't decide if I'm hungry or nauseous, and my eyes feel like I rubbed a thrilling combination of sand and glass in them.

Also, I feel like I might burst into tears at any sign of a problem. This? Is not good.

Help. Me.

grr, arg

Dear Wittenberg,


Thank you for letting me vent.


BSBE = best study break EVER

It's almost 5 AM and I'm still wide awake. Of course, that could be because of the study break Kate and I just took. Best. Study break. Ever. I can't wait til everyone sees our handiwork tomorrow. Teehee.

I'm so hyper right now, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the cup of coffee I just chugged. Mmm, coffee. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

study break times 69

Ok, I'm seriously getting back to work in a minute, but this is too funny. Well, it might only be funny to me, but I mean, it's your choice to read this. If you suspect you won't think it's funny then just go away.

I just looked If I Die In a Combat Zone up on Yahoo because it's one of the books I'm using for my thesis and I found this. It's a book report by some 6th grader in New York.

Think I could use that as a source?

Ok, you're probably not laughing.

But in all fairness, I did warn you.

study of procrastination

Well, I've been in Hollenbeck for an hour working on my thesis. So far, all I've really done is read what I have and add a couple of things. Granted, that's 8 pages, so it takes a while to revise it, but I feel like I should be getting a little more done. Of course, the fact that Kate and I are sitting together is probably not helping. But it's fun.

Actually, here's pretty much a rundown of how I've been procrastinating.

Signed on to AIM. Checked everyone's away messages. Twice. IMed Kate even though she was sitting right next to me.

Checked email.

Went to the Ugly People Suck page. Also known as The Official Webpage for Slackers.

Looked at formal pictures with Kate. There were over 200 of them.

Checked my email again.

Opened the file for my thesis.

Put comments on my own blog like a tool.

Looked people up on stalkernet.

Talk to my friend Stephanie.

Started to read my paper.

Read The Torch instead.

Read some more of my paper.

Edited my AIM profile.

Checked everyone's away messages again.

Checked my email.

Read the rest of my paper.

Went to the bathroom. Walked up and down the hallway. Stopped at every professor's office door to read stuff they had posted.

Got a drink of water.

Checked email.

Wrote this.

I'm pathetic.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

all-nighters are the devil

I'm fairly certain I'll be pulling an all-nighter tonight. Which is fine, I've done it before, and I actually am a lot more productive when everyone else is sleeping (go figure). My only worry is that I haven't gotten much sleep all weekend, as a result of staying up until 5 AM the last two nights and my body insists on waking me up around 9 or 10.

I really should just stop messing around and get to work, because then I'd probably get at least a few hours of sleep tonight, but it's just so easy to get distracted.

That and I have no motivation. Whoopee.

life on a bardge

I'm so tired, but this weekend was really fun. We went to formal last night. It was on a bardge overlooking the Ohio River. I had a lot of fun, but it didn't live up to past years. I think part of it is that we went to this really nice place in Columbus sophomore and junior year, so those of us who remember both were really spoiled. This place just wasn't as nice. Just ask Lampl, who was really upset that we had to get our own food, and I quote, "We had to pay 45 dollars for an f-ing buffet? That's bullshit." Hee.

We did get to watch Zoolander on the bus, though. That was awesome. And we went to the bar afterwards, and for some reason they closed later than usual. Of course, that didn't stop us from sitting at our table for as long as possible while this asshole that works there (I don't remember his name) kept yelling at us to leave. Even though there were plenty of other people still there. I mean, damn, it's not like we were throwing beer all over the place or puking everywhere.

Anyway. I think I need Wendy's today.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Strapless bra, oh how I loathe you.

4 AM + the internet + Jennie = bad news

WHAT is that last post? Dear god. No more writing in here at 4 AM.

I need to go back to bed.
You know what show I like? WINGS. It rhymes with chicken fingers, which taste good with ranch dressing.

Also, it's so late. Why am I awake? Hey, Beau! Good luck on your test tomorrow. 8 hours?!? That's insane. Sorry, Mr. Engineer Friend.

Also? Gamma Phi Beta's and Friends. Have fun at formal. I'll be with you. In my heart. And in my soul. And also . . . in my body. Goodnight!

Friday, April 16, 2004

run, kitty, run

Ok, so I was putting something off because I thought it was going to take a long time, but I just did it and it took like 5 minutes. I'm so dumb.

The weather has turned so nice. All I want to do is sit outside on the back porch. Yesterday when we were outside Lampl had her cat (Kitty) on a leash. It didn't like it, so it pulled and the collar came off and Kitty ran away. It was so funny, cause he ran straight to this tree and jumped on it, just like one of those stupid Garfield dolls people put in their car windows.

Speaking of cats, yesterday we saw a pregnant cat outside the Gamma Phi house. It (I guess I should say "she") was so fat, she looked like she swallowed a bowling ball. And she kept lying on her side and sticking her leg up in the air, like she was trying to scratch her head but she couldn't reach.

Last night, we saw Preggy again outside of our apartment. She crawled down into the little ditch by our basement window and we were afraid she was going to go into labor (or "give kittens" as Erica put it) but I think she was just sleeping. Which is good, because what the hell would we have done with all these little baby kitties on our porch?

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Sometimes being in a sorority is a pain in the ass.
It's either a miracle or hell just froze over. I was just sitting here, checking my mail, when I decided to open the file for my thesis and work on it for a bit. And whoa. I wrote a whole page in just ten mintues. Ten minutes. Sure, a lot of it is crap and I'll probably have to take it out later, but the point is, after all the procrastinating I've done, all the time I've wasted "working" on this paper, and it's not even that hard. Or time-consuming.

I say that now. Once I start having to move things around so the paper makes some kind of sense I'm sure I'll be at the point where I want to gouge my out my eyes and throw my computer and myself out the window.

That won't be til like Sunday, though. So if you happen to be walking by our apartment, I wouldn't walk under my window.
Well, shit.
I just added a thing where people can comment. So freaking comment already.

Come on.

It'll be fun.

Like a game.
Why did I stay up til 4 AM playing with the subservient chicken when all I really needed to do was just pass out?

It was just so funny. These are some of the commands I tried: throw pillows, lay egg, shake tail feather, hump chair, and someone else suggested drink beer (oddly fitting for last night).

I'm about to go walk to McMurray's to pick up my car, which spent the night in the parking lot. Poor car. I hope it wasn't lonely, but I'm sure it wasn't the only car that was left there.

Ok. Must be productive. It's Jennie Works on Her Thesis Day. More like Jennie Does Everything Imaginable to Procrastinate Day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

It's so nice outside, I feel like I may no longer be in Ohio. Someone told me it's supposed to be 70 on Saturday, so hopefully it won't rain either because formal is that day. Ok, Mother Nature, work with us here.

Sometimes I wish I could tape record my thoughts on the way to class. Except that would probably scare people, especially when the thoughts go something like this, "Hey, do I know that girl? She kind of looks like Katie, no, that's not Katie, is that the girl from my spanish class? No, ooh, I know, it's that Dana girl who let us drink on her porch that one time even though we'd never met her before . . . oh wait, that's not her either. Great, now this girl that I don't know thinks I'm really weird because I'm staring at her like I know her and I even raised my hand a little bit to wave, but maybe I played it off like I was just scratching my shoulder, yeah, I think it's ok, thank god everyone on this campus says hi to each other whether they know the person or not or everyone would think I'm a psycho. Or maybe they DO think I'm a psycho, and when I walk by they smile and say hi so I don't go crazy and push them down one of the ginormous hills on campus. That can't be it. They wouldn't think I'm a psycho unless they actually knew me."

Ok, I'll stop now. I'm going formal dress shopping later tonight, and hopefully it won't take too long because I still have my thesis to work on. I defend it next Tuesday, and that sounds really far away but I keep forgetting that I still have quite a bit of work to do. And Saturday is pretty much shot because of formal.

Today in class we were talking about this poem called "Para Teresa" and every time someone said "Teresa" (say it like you're from Spain, it sounds funny, I swear) I wanted to laugh and yell "Mi hija" (sounds like miha) but then I realized no one would get the joke except Stiffie (who wasn't there). So I explained it to Mary, who thought it was funny, so we spent the rest of the time whispering "Teresa!" and "Mihija!" to one another and giggling until the professor glared and shushed us.

The fact that the entire joke comes from Passions is just sad.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

So, I'm watching The Osbournes (no, I don't know why, either) and basically the entire episode so far is about how Kelly smells really bad because she refuses to shower.

I'd think with all those bathrooms and all that free time she saves from not going to school or working she'd have time to fit in a quick shower.

Disgusting. She's 19; I can't even believe her mother still has to tell her that showering daily is normal.
I just read the most uplifting story about Gamma Phi Beta. I'm just so proud right now.

Nicole and I went shopping for formal dresses earlier. I didn't find anything because the Upper Valley Mall, well, sucks. I'm going to try again later this week and if I don't find anything I'm just wearing my pajamas. Sweet.
I wonder if professors ever get sick hearing the same excuses. I mean, how many times can they hear "my alarm didn't go off," or "I'm not feeling very well" before they stop believing it. Sometimes when I miss class I want to email my professor and tell them the real reason, even though "I stayed up til 4 AM watching I Love the 80s" probably isn't a viable excuse.

Seriously, though, I bet professors would like to hear the real reason students miss class. Or at least a really good made-up one. I'm sure they'd respect our honesty. Or creativity. So the next time you miss class, don't email your prof and say your grandma died (because, really, how many times in 4 years can she bite it . . . leave the poor woman alone). Use one of these excuses instead:

I'm sorry I missed class today:

I went to the bar last night instead of doing my homework.

Someone stole my bookbag, removed my notes and books, and filled the bag with peanut butter.

My dog ate my homework. And then died.

TBS was running a Saved by the Bell marathon and I believe Screech may be my soulmate.

I was watching Dawson's Creek and became overcome by emotion while watching the Joey/Dawson/Pacey drama unfold.

My friend bought a bootleg copy of Return of the King and I stayed up all night watching it.

I went and saw Dawn of the Dead and was too afraid to sleep. Instead I spent the night nailing the doors and windows shut and gathering weapons to kick some undead ass.

Bad seafood. Enough said.

im stlil drnk froom last nitee

I did all of my homework last night, went to bed at a reasonable hour, but when my alarm went off (at the correct time this morning) I couldn't bring myself to get out of my warm, fluffy, comfortable bed. Sorry.

And before anyone gets scared, I've never missed class for any of the above reasons.

Except maybe the last one.

Monday, April 12, 2004

I guess there are things you just never realize you're going to miss come graduation. Bizarre things, like stealing toilet paper from an academic building because you're completely out at your apartment and you've been using Kleenex and paper towels for the past two days.

Then there are the more obvious things, like going to Applebees for half price apps, hanging out at someone's house watching a movie, and the most obvious of all . . . going to the bar with your BFFs. Which I will be doing momentarily.
Note to self: stop getting so annoyed with people just because they're in a bad mood and you're not.

Seriously, what is that?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter! I feel like such a heathen because we didn't go to church today. But at least I don't feel like a hypocrite for sitting in church on Easter even though I don't go to church regularly anymore. I was kind of glad that I woke up at 11:30 today and realized that we weren't going, not because I'm a sinner (ok, I am) but because I stayed up til 3:30 AM reading Angels and Demons.

I'm determined to finish that book today. Even though I should be working on my thesis. I did a lot of work on it yesterday and I'm planning on devoting all of tonight to work on it. Except, I'll take a break to watch Alias, of course.

I just talked to Stiffie and she hurt her neck. It sounds really painful, but she gets to take some interesting drugs. Feel better, Stiffie! Here is something to brighten your day.

Friday, April 09, 2004

You know that song "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness? I've talked to a couple people about how we have no idea what he's saying in part of it. At one point, we decided one of the lines ended with "i'm a big kid now," but I think that has more to do with pull-ups than love.

Anyway, my point. I found the lyrics, so there should be no more confusion.

Also, I have another letter template, which I'm guessing fewer people will be able to use. Unless, of course, you get the Chronically Crushed letter. Then you could probably send this letter in response. Awesome.

Template Letter for the Steadily Stalked

Dear [insert name of Stalker],

Please stop stalking me. I saw you sitting in your car outside my house last night. And you left your [binoculars/underwear/sandwich] in my [bushes/closet/kitchen].

I've tried to be nice about this. I even left my curtains open a couple of times, hoping you'd enjoy your free show, get bored, and find someone new to stalk. But no. That wasn't enough for you.

That's right, [Stalker], I found the [hidden camera/voodoo doll/lingerie] you put in my [bathroom/car/freezer].

Not cool.


PS: I have included a copy of the restraining order with this letter. Please read it again. If you have trouble with the big words, I'm sure someone at the local library can help you. Good luck in all your future endeavors.
So, I was going through my old emails (some dating back to high school, yeesh), cleaning out the AOL filing cabinet (because that is obviously more important than working on my thesis) and as I came across old emails I read some of them. And some of the subject matter in my emails and emails from my friends led me to a question.

What's the time limit on crushes? How long can you "like" someone and still be considered sane? This reminds me of that part in There's Something About Mary where Ben Stiller says something along the lines of, "Crushes don't last 13 years." And if that's true, then how long do they last before you make yourself move on? And what if the crush goes away and then comes back? Do you include the time of the break, or does the time limit start over? Is this even making any sense? Personally, I had a crush on someone in high school that came and went all four years. That's like torture. There should be some kind of statute of limitations for this kind of thing.

This is why, for the good of all mankind, I've written a template letter that anyone can use. Just copy/paste it into an email, add the correct names and such, and you're golden. Hit send and push the person out of your mind forever. And if you feel stupid later, you can always just say you were drunk. Or that you typed in the wrong email address. Or pretend to have amnesia. It's really up to you. It is your letter, after all. It's all for you. I do it all for you, you know.

Template Letter for the Chronically Crushed

Dear [Fill in Blank]

I'm not sure why I'm doing this. But there's something I have to say. I've been holding it in for so long. I can't remember not feeling this way and it's driving me absolutely crazy.

[Fill in blank], I love you.

There. It's out. I love you. Rather, I'm in love with you. I know it sounds crazy, but I think we're great together. Sometimes the brightest part of my day is when I come home from [class/work/therapy] and see an IM or an email from you. It doesn't matter what it says. (Unless, of course, you're IMing me to tell me you love me too, in which case . . . call me, dumbass.)

I don't know what kind of response I want from this. Let's be honest, if you ever get this it will mean [hell has frozen over/i had a burst of courage/i had one too many tequila shots, blacked out, and sent you this letter, in which case, this doesn't count because I won't remember it]. I don't know what I'm afraid of. Maybe it's just that you don't have the same feelings for me that I do for you. I don't want things to get weird, so maybe I'm afraid that if I tell you this, and you don't feel the same way, it'll create this awkwardness between us that we'll never be able to get past.

Or maybe I'm just a freaking chicken.

That's it, I suppose. The ball's in your court.

Sincerely/Love/Yours Truly/With Fondest Remembrance/Psychotically Yours,
[Your Name Here]

PS: Depending on your reaction to this letter, this may or may not be a deranged [man/woman/llama] who recently escaped from the nearest [jail/mental facility/zoo].

* * *

And there you have it. Use it well. I added the PS as a disclaimer in case the drunk/amnesia excuses and those don't work.

Hee, that was fun. I kind of want to send it to random people just to see what happens. But I won't. That would be wrong.

Not to mention just plain weird.
I'm in Kettering for the weekend. Yay! I love coming home, if only for the simple reason that I can pretend I am responsibility free for a while. Which is really far from the truth at the moment, but it's still fun to pretend.

Last night, I took Ripley (our dog) for a walk. I took her up by my old middle school. It's so odd to walk around that campus (and it really is a campus, the junior high I went to used to be a high school, so it was very large). I love walking around my neighborhood, though. At the baseball field, I saw these four middle-aged guys "playing" baseball. They looked like they were trying to be really good, but it just wasn't working. Someone would actually hit the ball, and the guy in the field would run really fast and like, dive for the ball and then miss it. I tried really hard not to laugh. Oops.

I feel really lazy right now, because my parents are outside doing yardwork. I think if I went out there, though, I'd just be in the way. And Ripley already has that job.

There's the cutest beagle puppy next door. She hardly ever barks, and she has these big, floppy ears. I want to steal her, but I won't. Probably.

Survivor and The Apprentice were so good last night. I wasn't really surprised that Bill and Kwame were the final two on the Apprentice, but I'm glad it was them. Nick is all smarmy and Amy had started to get really annoying, which sucked because I liked her initially. I hope Kwame wins. Just because his name is so cool. And he's cute. And, you know, he went to Harvard.

Ok, I'm either going to go work on my thesis or read some more of Angels (I wrote "angles" at first, haha) and Demons. Hmm.

PS, does anyone else think Condaleeza Rice has weird looking teeth?

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I knew it was a mistake to buy Angels and Demons yesterday. I finished The Da Vinci Code a few weeks ago (in like 4 days, no less) and I figured this one would be equally impossible to put down. Picture me, standing in the book aisle of Meijer (I'd gone in for the sole purpose of buying a loofa, oops), holding the book in my hand.

Devil!Jennie: Go ahead. Buy it. You know you want to.

Angel!Jennie: Don't do it. You still have a book to read for your thesis.

Devil!Jennie: Who cares? You can still buy this book so you have it to read after your thesis book.

Angel!Jennie: Jennie, you know that's not what will happen. You'll buy this book, swear not to read it, and then start reading it the minute you get home.

Jennie: She has a point.

Devil!Jennie: Don't listen to that goody-two-shoes-always-do-your-homework-on-time loser. Buy the book. Now.

Jennie: She has a point, too.

Angel!Jennie: What about your thesis?

Jennie: Well, I'll read the book for my thesis first and when I'm done, I'll have this book to read. It'll be fine.

Angel!Jennie: And you're sure you won't read this book before finishing your thesis?

Jennie: Of course. It's not like I have no willpower.

Devil!Jennie: Mwaahaahaa.

Jennie: What are you laughing at?

Devil!Jennie: Nothing.

Jennie: Ooh, I've been wanting to get this book, too. One more won't hurt, right?

Devil!Jennie: Of course not.

Angel!Jennie: Sigh.

Then I get home, take the books out of the bag and proceed to immediately start reading Angels and Demons. Which is, of course, impossible to put down. Crap.
Stiffie and I built a fort out of blankets in the living room last night.

Sure, it was kind of half-assed and consisted of two big blankets thrown over the sofa and three chairs, but still.

It was a real fort.

I know cause we could crawl under it.

So there.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I just got back from my senior sem class. That's the class I was writing my thesis for all day yesterday. I don't feel so bad anymore about being behind, because it seems like everyone is behind. But I've got the majority of it written, I just need to, you know, finish it. I'm really nervous about having to defend it in front of three professors, though. Basically, we go into a room with three english profs, read them our entire paper, and then they ask us a bunch of questions to make sure we actually know what we're talking about. And that scares me, because I feel like the majority of what I've written is complete bullshit. And that could be hard to defend.

One thing I'm kind of excited for is our Creative Writing Readings. They're doing something different this year, and holding it in Wally's. And even though Wally's doesn't sell alcohol anymore, the English department might buy some and bring it in so more people come to the reading. Which is kind of sad, but apparently it's more fun to hear people read their short stories and poetry with a slight buzz. I guess that makes sense. I think it'd be funny if someone got really drunk before they had to read their story, and then they like fell down or threw up on the stage or something. Heh. As long as it's not me, of course.
Ok, so I accidently took an hour and a half study break with Kate, but she was being so entertaining it was worth it. Some of her better quotes:

"Oooh, look at me, I think I'm so hot even though I don't have shoulders" -about Calista Flockhart

"Shut up, Mac, you don't wear underwear." About my senior sem professor, who does not, in fact, wear underwear. And the only reason we know this is because one day he was wearing a pair of jeans with a hole in them, and there should have been underwear fabric where the hole was but instead there was just skin. Scary. He is not the kind of person who should be going commando.

Ooh, David Duchovny is on Leno. On Leno's show, I mean, not physically on top of Leno. That would be weird.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Study break time! Yay! I'm halfway done with my rough draft. Kind of. Not really, but I figured I'd only turn 5 - 7 pages in for a rough draft and I have 4 done, so actually I'm MORE than half done.

I think I spend more time figuring out how much more I have to write than actually writing. And of course now I'm talking to Kate and Stephanie on IM so that's not helping.

Kate and I are getting ready to go to Taco Bell. Because everyone knows that Taco Bell is the best study break food. Duh.

I wish it was last week, because if it was last week I'd be at the bar celebrating Lampl's birthday for the first time.

Hee, I'm watching Inferno and Coral and Julie just got in a fight. I don't really like either of them, but I hope Coral kicks Julie's ass.
Study break number two, but it shouldn't really count because I'm about to eat dinner. And everyone knows that the most important thing you can do when you have a lot of work to do is make sure you eat nutritious meals. So, really, skipping dinner would be setting me back on the whole thesis thing.

I have been getting a lot of work done, although not as much as I probably should be. I think I'd be ten times more productive if I'd sign off of Instant Messenger and stop checking my email every 5 minutes. Chances are, if you've been online at all today, I've looked your away message about 7 times a minute. Don't worry, I'm not stalking. Just procrastinating.

I accomplished other things today, too. I updated my WinAmp, so now I can listen to the radio on my computer. I changed my buddy icon. I changed some stuff in my AIM profile. I went to the library and printed some more articles for my thesis. Totally productive, right?

Also, I'm continuing to work even though I got a very nasty paper cut in the library earlier. It still hurts, and here I am, still typing. I should get a medal.
Ok, this will be funny to probably two other people and that's it, but I don't care. I'm watching Passions (yeah, I don't know why) and every time Pilar says Theresa's name I crack up. If she calls her "mi hija" I might just hyperventilate. Teehee.

I'm about to turn it off anyway, since I need to get back to my thesis. Yay. I woke up sick this morning. I felt fine last night. I think my body just knows that I have a lot to do today, so it's all like, "no, Jennie, I won't let you concentrate on your very important paper, even though you have to do well on it to graduate . . . instead, I think I'll make your head and throat hurt and give you a fever and make sure that staring at the computer screen causes your eyes to get all squinty and hurty."

Don't mind me. I'm on drugs. By the way. This is study break number one. Stay tuned, because I'm sure there will be many more today.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

So, this is how much work I got done on my thesis at home . . .

Ok, so nothing. Sue me. And I'm really tired now, because I think I got a total of 7 hours sleep this entire weekend. Squeaky bed + cats + people snoring = no sleep. Plus, Oh Brother Where Art Thou is on tv right now and I'd much rather lie in bed and watch it than sit here at my computer spewing out bullshit. Lovely image, isn't it.

It is so scary that we have a month of classes left, a week of finals, and then it's graduation. I still have no job. I really have no idea what I want to do. I don't know where I would like to find a job. I don't know what this mystery job might be.

I, therefore, am screwed. So, for those lucky ones who have jobs, maybe I could just travel around and crash on your couches. Otherwise, I'll be living in a cardboard box begging for money to use to go to an internet cafe and get online and update this webpage so everyone feels sorry for my homeless, jobless, smelly, sad self.

My backup is to move to Europe and become a gypsy.
We just got back from visiting Stiffie's sister (Theresa, aka "Miha!") at IU. We were listening to this one radio station on the way back, and they played four awesome songs in a row. Boys (Boyz?) to Men's, "I'll Make Love to You," (which I still know all the words to), that Michael Bolton "how am I supposed to live without you" song, Faith Hill's, "The Way You Love Me," and finally Karen Carpenter singing "Don't you remember you told me you love me, baby," which always reminds me of that part in Tommy Boy where Chris Farley and David Spade sing it and are crying and then the hood of the car flies up and then they almost die and then David Spade hits Chris Farley with a piece of wood because he called him Papa Smurf. Awesome.

We got to IU Friday evening, ate dinner, and then went searching for cold beer, which we never found. We did, however, find Major Peters' Bloody Mary Mix, and Mount Gay Rum. Teehee. Major Peters.

Friday night we went to some bar (I don't remember the name of it) and played "Sink the Biz" which is AWESOME. Basically, you fill a small bucket full of beer and float a glass in it. Then, people take turns pouring their own beer into the floating cup. Whoever makes the cup sink has to drink it. Simple, but fun. When we were done, Beau and Randy drank the beer in the bucket. Scary. But funny.

Then we went to The Upstairs Pub for a while, and we met these two guys who knew someone who goes to Wittenberg. I always think it's so weird to meet people like that, because most people don't even know Wittenberg exists. When we got back to Theresa's house, someone put in this pirate movie from like 1981, but since it wasn't Pirates of the Caribbean and the pirates in this movie were singing and dancing, I quickly lost interest.

Yesterday, we went to Starbucks (mmm), and then Theresa drove us around and showed us stuff on campus. Later, we went to this Japanese restaurant called Domo. I've decided that I need to buy some chopsticks to use at home. It would make eating salad or Easy Mac MUCH more fun.

After dinner, we went to watch Theresa in a Tae Kwon Do demonstration. It was really cool, but after watching Theresa and Randy break boards I'm a little afraid of both of them.

Last night we saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was so good. It was really weird, and I'd like to watch it again, but I really enjoyed the whole thing. Kate Winslet is awesome; why has she never won an Oscar? (She hasn't, has she?)

We also went to this animal shelter yesterday, and the animals were cute and all, but I wanted to cry because there were so many of them. Most of the dogs were adorable, except this one Satan dog that was instigating all the other dogs and throwing his food dish around. He was evil. There was one dog named Smokey (I think) that I would have taken home in a second. He was so calm and just stood there wagging his tail. Pretty, pretty doggie. Soooooo pretty.

Leave me alone. I didn't sleep much this weekend.

The rough draft of my thesis is due on Tuesday, so I need to write at least 7 or 8 pages of it, which means I should probably stop writing in here and start working on that, but I REALLY don't want to.

Yay. Thesis. Whoo freaking hoo.