Thursday, May 13, 2010

a glimpse

Last night, Joe and I made quesadillas for dinner but really they were more like tostadas, if I'm being completely honest. And I might as well be completely honest because why lie about quesadillas? If you can't be honest about quesadillas, what CAN you be honest about?

I took them out of the oven and we transferred them to plates so we could cut them into fourths. Because that makes it easier to eat with your hands and why wouldn't you want to eat with your hands? Why are you so fancy? Who are you trying to impress? Plus, eating with your hands is awesome. Anyway, since he is a gentleman, Joe started cutting my quesadilla before his and then this happened:

Me: NOOOO! STOP! You're cutting it wrong!
Joe: ...what?
Me: If you make them the same size, how will I know which one to eat first*?!

And that's when Joe started pounding his head on the cabinet (for real) and laughing at me and I was all, "...I'm mostly kidding," and he was like, "IT'S THE MOSTLY THAT WORRIES ME," and this is what it's like to live with me, right, Heidi?

*If I cut stuff in half (or fourths, whatever), I have to cut them in different sizes because I have to eat the smallest piece first OBVIOUSLY. Shut up.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping

You know how they say time flies when you're having fun? I think that's stupid because time flies when you're not having fun, too. Like, I can't believe it's Wednesday already but I've spent most of this week working and that's not fun, right? I mean, maybe your job is fun but the only time my job is fun is when someone brings in free food. Or when the pressures of the day because JUST TOO MUCH and we all start throwing stuff at each other, not that that ever happens because that's not appropriate workplace behavior and I definitely don't condone it but why would they give everyone little stress balls if they didn't want us to throw them at each other? Huh?

This is not to say I haven't been having fun because OH, have I been having fun OH YES I HAVE. Last Thursday, Joe and I saw Frightened Rabbit and they blew my mind. And my eardrums. What? Haha, funny joke, Jennie. Anyway. There were two opening bands and the first one was AWFUL. I mean, they sucked major donkey balls. Like the biggest donkey balls ever. I forget their name because I've tried to block out that experience. The second band was good and Frightened Rabbit was...well, I already mentioned the mind-blowingness so I'll just stop there. I will just say that I haven't been able to stop listening to them since we saw them, such is the power of the adorable Glasgow accent.

We also saw Iron Man 2, which I suppose I liked, not having gone into it with any expectations other than Robert Downey Jr. is beautiful and I'd probably get to see him shirtless at some point. WHICH I DID. The most confusing part of the movie was in the filler beforehand, when Zachary Levi sang a song with Katherine McPhee. I thought maybe I was hallucinating the whole thing, but Abigail assures me that it's real and that Chuck just really likes singing. To which I say: go Chuck.

On Saturday, we went to a wedding cake/cupcake tasting and I ate so many cupcakes that I felt sort of ill the rest of the day, and sugar-crashed later that afternoon watching Walk the Line and woke up from my nap singing Ring of Fire, which actually isn't that unusual for me. But the cupcakes were delicious and I think we're going to have them make a million cupcakes for our reception and wouldn't you know it? They're the first cake place we went. It's a little place called Bombshell Bakeshop, which actually is located primarily on the internet and I find that somewhat fitting. Plus also, the cupcakes were so good that I never wanted to stop eating them, even if my stomach esploded.

And now for my most exciting news: I GOT A NEW BIKE. It looks sort of like Pee-wee's bike, a fact which made me jump up and down in the store, clapping my hands in excitement while Joe pretended he didn't know me.

Oh look, here's a picture:
new bike
I don't know what to name her. I do know that I love her. Last night, Joe and I went out to the garage and I gave her a hug and Joe pretended not to know me again. That happens a lot.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Does anyone know what time ABC or Hulu puts Lost up on the Internets? I NEED TO KNOW ASAP. Or like, before the finale, at least.

UPDATE: DO NOT read the comments unless you saw last night's episode.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Are you there, internet? It's me, Jennie

I find that sometimes I don't write in here because I feel like I tell you guys the same things over and over. Like, haha, the other day I said something stupid and everyone made fun of me (true)! Or, I spent all of Saturday watching season 2 of Buffy (also true). Or even, JENNIE LOVE DUCKS (truest of all). I'm pretty sure I've even used the title of this post before. And I'm pretty sure I've SAID I'm pretty sure I've used the title of this post before AHHHH OMG meta tornado save the ducklings!

So that's why I don't post sometimes. It's not because I don't love you guys. In fact, it's just the opposite. I love you TOO much, so much that I've pitched a tent on your front lawn and spelled "I LUV U" in a gasoline-fire in the grass and now I'm standing there with my boombox blaring some Peter Gabriel and WHY WON'T YOU COME OUTSIDE AND TALK TO ME. Or at least let me in to use the bathroom.

Now let me tell you about my weekend, in which I said some stupid shit, spent most of my days watching Buffy, and then talked about how much I love ducks. ZING!

But yeah, you know what? I do love ducks. And you know what else? I went for the best run ever yesterday and you want to know why? Hardly anyone was in my park.

Here's what, internet. A week or so after Joe and I moved to the new place, I went for a run to make sure we'd moved to a running-friendly neighborhood. Because where I lived last year? Not so running-friendly, unless I wanted to drive somewhere else to run which seems wrong in some way, don't you think? Anyway, so I decided to go run around this one pond but then I discovered that there was no path around the pond! Which would be fine, if I wanted to run through goose turds but I didn't want to run through goose turds so I just kept going on the sidewalk because I wanted to see where the sidewalk ends (Shel Silverstein FTW!) and you know where it ended? In a park. An awesome park with lots of trees and a nice running path and a community garden (I think?) and geeses and duckses and frogs, oh my! No lie, you guys, I ran around that park with a big, stupid smile on my face and when I got home I was all, "JOE! I FOUND A PARK! And it was awesome! I saw some ducks! And geese! And a frog! Well, I HEARD a frog! Also, guess what?! I saw an albino squirrel! It looked at me!" because I am five, apparently. And also Dug from Up.

So now that is my park. I get very angry whenever I go there and someone else is using it. Effing hell, man, GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I SICK MY GEESE-GANG ON YOU! You don't want to mess with my geese-gang. Nesting makes them loco.

I don't know where this park came from because it wasn't always there and it looks pretty new and they keep updating it with cool stuff. Like, last night I discovered that they had put in these little information boxes and you could push buttons and some nice lady would tell you all about crayfish and maple trees and stuff. Not like, crayfish IN maple trees because that would be weird. It's an awesome park but it's not a magic park. That I know of. I will keep you all updated.