Friday, September 18, 2009

grace in small things, day 9

  1. NPH on NPR
  2. Poop Ball
  3. reading on my lunchbreak
  4. utilizing all of my anal-retentive, list-making, and planning abilities to get ready to travel to a wedding tomorrow (With your powers combined, I am Captain Plan-It!)
  5. Um, Captain Plan-It? I am proud of COMING UP WITH THAT RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.


  1. 1. I thought of you when I heard (stalker)

    2. I'm afraid to click

    3. I did the same, except not (I listened to a book)

    4. I play on a WW message board, and I sort by last post, and the Thursday thread that I follow was before the Friday thread, so I had to post on the Friday thread to move it up so it would be in the right order again. And have fun on your trip.

    5. Awesome.

  2. Abigail3:54 PM

    Captain Plan-It = GENIUS

  3. Do you think I could start a business called "Captain Plan-It?" And people could tell me all the stuff they had to do before a certain deadline and I would tell them what to do and when so they could get it done the most efficiently?

  4. Abigail4:11 PM

    That is such a good idea.

  5. People would pay big money for that.