Monday, February 06, 2012

things that make me cry*:

1. People unexpectedly singing really well
2. Doctor-Donna
3. OK, most of Ten's shenanigans have made me cry at some point
4. And some of Eleven's
5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
6. When TV characters who are not normally nice to one another are nice to one another
7. Beginners (jesus)
8. When people cry during their award acceptance speeches
9. Um, when people cry, just, in general 
10. When I think people are mad at me
11. When I get mad (I hate this!)

*not counting things, like, people dying because DUH


  1. TV proposals make me sob like a little baby.

  2. Yes! Monica and Chandler? I cried so hard. Also, Pam and Jim's wedding made me cry forever.

  3. Dude, did I tell you that I cried through my tank top at the movies during Beginners? It was awkward/hilarious for all involved. Heart that movie.

    I also cry almost any time someone wins something and/or has a life-changing experience and/or is helped by someone else, which I usually see in the form of shows like The Biggest Loser.

  4. Ooh, I cry for that reason, too! And Beginners? OMG. Every time I thought I was done crying, I cried some more. That movie, man. UGH. So good.

  5. Hearing helicopters will sometimes make me misty-eyed. As I say, I remember what it was like to fly--and to be left behind. *sniff sniff*