Friday, May 25, 2012

Dude, check out my new Trapper Keeper! It has five different compartments for each subject in school. And it's all covered with pictures from Dawson's Creek.

So I don't know what's going on with me but I've been spending a lot (I mean A LOT) of my free time watching Gossip Girl and Dawson's Creek, because HEY did you know both of them are on Netflix Instant? Because they are. Every now and then Joe will watch with me and it's great fun to see who can out-MST3K the other.

Last night, we watched an episode of Dawson's Creek that completely rips off The Breakfast Club, but not really, because they actually reference how much their situation is JUST LIKE that movie, so I guess that's how they got around copyright infringement or movie right or whatever LAWYER TALK.

They all get detention for different things, Jen for talking back to a teacher, Dawson for throwing a basketball at Pacey's beautiful face (Am I allowed to have a crush on Pacey still? Like season 1 Pacey? Or is that gross? It feels weird because I'm old now but we're the same age IRL and I've had a crush on Joshua Jackson since he was a Mighty Duck, so maybe it's not weird? No, it's weird), Joey for completely beating the shit out of a guy in the lunch room, Pacey for taking his arousal into his own hands at school, and Abby Something for having too many tardies. Abby is obnoxious and everyone hates her. That's all you really need to know.

Right, so, they all have Saturday detention, which is apparently still a thing, and they have to sit in the library all day. When the librarian tells them if they're not quiet they'll have to shelve books and organize the card catalog, I was all, "yay!" because that's supposed to be a punishment? At one point, the detainees talk about what happened to the actors from The Breakfast Club and how none of them amounted to anything, but Pacey says something about Emilio Estevez being in those Mighty Duck movies and how awesome they are and YOU GUYS. I yelled (yes, yelled), "EVERY CHOICE I'VE EVER MADE HAS LED TO THIS EXACT MOMENT! My entire life has just been validated!"

(I found the moment for you. You're welcome.)

This is probably not a normal reaction to watching an episode of Dawson's Creek, but I don't know, I'm still new at this. I told Joe that the only thing missing from the episode was a dinosaur running through the library, but I guess I can settle for the fact that Dawson has a Jurassic Park poster hanging in his room.

Anyway, the first season of Dawson's Creek is generally PRETTY TERRIBLE. I never watched much of the show when it was actually on but I've seen a lot of the later seasons because my friends in college watched it, which is also why I've seen the series finale. I remember hating Dawson's dumb face during the later seasons but as I started season 1, I was like, "oh, he's not so bad, really," until maybe an episode or two in? Because he's pretty awful. Still, I'm sort of a little on his side because of James van der Beek being on Don't Trust the Bitch* in Apartment 23. Do you guys watch that show? It's surprisingly great.

ANYWAY (again), this morning I asked Joe if he thought James van der Beek ever gets jealous of Joshua Jackson, because here he is headlining a show and this suave motherfucker swoops in and totally steals his thunder. When's the next PaceyCon? I'm so there.


*I refuse to censor the word bitch, ABC, GROW THE FUCK UP


  1. Um, I believe it's called "Awesome Creek"?

    And it's totally not gross.

  2. I LOVED this show back in the day. I almost started watching it on Netflix a few months ago, but knew if I dared to watch even one show, I'd get drawn in and watch them all. In, like, two days. Heck, maybe I still will.

  3. Kathleen, I'm glad to hear I'm not gross. This time.

    Laural, I'm pretty much in the same position and probably will be until I finish it. I'm on season 3, though, so I should be done after like 10 more marathon sessions. Heh.