Thursday, October 10, 2013

shameless self-promotion time, whoo!

So, in an effort to make it look like I post here more than once a month (or two), I thought I'd start cross-posting stuff I write in OTHER places, in case you A) care and B) somehow miss my constant FBing and tweeting about whatever it is.

Last year, I took part on Cannonball Read and, while I didn't reach a full 52 book reviews for the year, it was so much fun I'm doing it again this year.

One of the best things about CBR is that you get to meet (well, "meet") other book-lovers. The other best thing is you get lots and lots of book recommendations, almost too many HAHA JK THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY. The other OTHER best thing is that sometimes your review might be published on Pajiba.

I've loved Pajiba for years and years but it was through CBR that I worked up the courage to actually interact with the community, commenting on articles and reviews and such. Which is super happy fun times! Duh!

Anyway. My point, and I do have one, is that I recently had a review appear on Pajiba which is just the greatest feeling, you know? IT IS. TRUST ME. I wouldn't lie to you. 

If you're interested at all, the link is HERE.

And if you want to read any of my incoherent ranting about OTHER books I've read, you can go HERE. You should also peruse the rest of the reviews on that site because there are some TOP NOTCH A++ reviews in that place. 

Anyway. Hi!


  1. I had a review on Pajiba once and it was the best thing ever.

    Yay for writing! Where's that Harry Potter thing that you're doing?

  2. How did I miss this? DAMMIT.