Sunday, October 16, 2005

and one time I had birthday cake for dinner

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend and aura twin, Amy, and her boyfriend, Mike. Although I found my way fairly easily to Huber Heights, I did manage to get myself lost on the way to lunch. This is not surprising. It would have been more surprising if I had not gotten lost while driving to a new place. That's why I always leave early.

I'm not going to comment (other than this, of course) on the fact that I was YET AGAIN the single one out to dinner/lunch with a friend and her boyfriend, because, while at one time that would drive me into a "why don't I have a boyfriend" semi-funk, it really doesn't bother me anymore to be the one getting a single check at the end of the meal. Most of the time I just think I'd have a hard time fitting a boyfriend into my schedule.

Anyway, after lunch we went to Mike's friend's house, where there was beer and cornhole (the game). All of Mike's friends are either married, on their way to being married, pregnant, or with child. Heh. I just like writing "with child." Of course, they were all about five years older than I am, but still. Being around married people and parental types just reminds me how not ready I am for all of that stuff. I'll bet Mike's friends didn't have pretzels and coffee for breakfast yesterday, but guess who did. And I know I'm not ready for a child because when I think of giving up alcohol and coffee for 9 months (or more) I want to cry.

The house was nice, though. There was no clutter. No piles of books sitting everywhere or cat toys littering the floor like at my house. Granted, they may have just shoved all of that stuff in a closet like I do when I have people over, but I like to think that's something I'll outgrow.

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