Thursday, December 04, 2008

here is what my day was like LEAVE ME ALONE

  • got up early because I couldn't sleep
  • got ready, packed, met coworkers in lobby
  • boss tried to start rental car
  • boss tried to start rental car
  • boss tried to start rental car
  • boss and I rode to work with other coworkers
  • called car rental place, was assured they would fix car
  • worked and worked and worked
  • four hours later, called rental car place, was informed they had no record of first call
  • got transferred and transferred and hung up on
  • finally heard from rental car place, was informed they fixed car
  • hitched ride to hotel parking lot
  • bribed hotel staff for rental car keys
  • tried to start rental car...SUCCESS
  • drove Mustang one hour through heavy traffic to airport
  • felt like an old lady for barely being able to see over steering wheel/hood of Mustang
  • hated on Mustang
  • loved on Garmin
  • got to airport
  • walked and walked and walked
  • got in wrong line at baggage check-in
  • hated on security check-in
  • wandered airport, looking for food and booze
  • saw that all food and booze places too busy for sitting
  • sat at random gate, posted garbage on my blog
My flight doesn't leave til 8:55 and I'M SO BORED. Waaaaaaaaaah. I'm going to go try the bar again.

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