Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NaNo Day 17

I think all this novel writing business is starting to affect my brain. For instance, I just typed "tarting" back there instead of "starting." I'm not sure what tarting is. It sounds like it's when you get all whored up to go out to bars and stuff and then you meet up with your friends and they're all dressed casually so you're like, "wtf, guys?" and they're all like, "we just didn't feel like tarting up tonight." That's what it sounds like. That, or like you can't say "farting" correctly. Anyway.

Yeah, so there's that. And then last night, Joe and I had this conversation:

Me [singing]: Working on my night cheese!
Joe: What? What's that from?
Me: I'm not telling.
Joe: Is it from 30 Rock? It sounds like it's from 30 Rock.
Me: Maaaaaaaaybe.
Joe: Is that a yes?
Me: Maaaaaaaaybe.
Joe: Dammit, Jennifer.
Me: Working on my night cheese!
Joe: Yeah, it's from 30 Rock.
Me: Night cheese sounds really good right now.
Joe: OK.
Me: The best thing about night cheese is that it's FORBIDDEN.
Joe: ...what.
Me: Because, see, you're eating cheese late at night. And eating lots of cheese makes people poop a lot. Or does it make them constipated?
Joe: Both?
Me: So anyway, you eat all this delicious cheese EVEN THOUGH you know it'll make your tummy hurt but you don't care because it's so good and that's why it's forbidden.
Joe: ...
Me: Also, you have to steal it from homeless kids.
Joe: There it is.

Word goal for the day: 1667
Words written today: 2201
Total goal: 28339
Total written so far: 31606
Words ahead/behind goal: +3267