Thursday, October 28, 2010

It'll be my first pah-ty, Fah-tha!

Me: The hills are aliiiiiiive...with the sound of muuuuuusiiiiiic...
Joe: Have you been watching Moulin Rouge?

I've been walking around singing songs from The Sound of Music for the past few days and WITH GOOD REASON. For, you see, there was a Sound of Music sing-a-long at a nearby movie theater on Tuesday and I went (DUH) even though it was on a school night and I'd be up past my bedtime.

I saw an advertisement for this sing-a-long a few weeks ago when Joe and I went to see The Social Network. When I saw the preview for it, I believe my exact words were, "OMFG OMFG I HAVE TO GO TO THAT OMFG," and Joe was all, "...eff," because he was afraid he'd have to go with me. But. I posted something about it on (the) Facebook and soon had tentative plans to go with some of my family members, because they're awesome like that. And really, I told Joe that the only reason he wasn't excited about it at all was because he's never seen the movie, something that is GROSS AND WRONG, but not quite as gross and wrong as never having seen The Goonies.

So last week was total shit, right? Right. And I've been pretty Debbie Downer lately as a result. Anyway, it turns out that Julie Andrews works kind of like anti-depressants. Like, I cannot be in a bad mood if Julie Andrews is singing, I just can't. I love her.

You know what else I love? When crowds sing along to songs at concerts. Not, like, one really loud guy who is singing so loud that I can't hear the artist (JOE) but when the whole crowd sings and you can't make out one voice from another. The sing-a-long was like that plus Julie Andrews, which equals NOW WE ARE SO HAPPY, WE DO THE DANCE OF JOY. Truly. I did the math just now and it totally worked.

I went with two of my cousins and two of my aunts, and everyone had such a good time, which is really what everyone needed. I highly recommend going to one of these if you have the chance. Obviously, you should go if you love The Sound of Music, but who doesn't love The Sound of Music? I'll tell you who...NAZIS.

It'd been years since I'd seen the movie all the way through. Especially considering that, when I was younger, I used to fast forward to my favorite parts, which were: the nuns singing about how terrible Maria is, Maria singing about how she's all confident and shit, Rolf being all patronizing and telling Liesl she needs someone to take care of her (I was young, I didn't know that Rolf was a big turdface until he blew his stupid whistle), Do Re Mi, the creepy puppet show, the party where Maria and Captain von Trapp dance and have all the UST, Baronness Bitchface getting dumped so Captain von Trapp can go dance and sing and make out with Maria, and, OK, all the singing parts, especially Captain von Trapp singing because he is dreamy with a capital D that stands for DAMN which rhymes with BAM I JUST PASSED OUT BECAUSE HE'S SO DREAMY.

The only singing part I didn't like was when the Boss Nun sings about climbing mountains because it was boring and I wanted to get back to watching Maria and Captain von Trapp make googly eyes at each other. Now that I think about it, they might be the first couple I ever shipped, except for maybe Red and Gobo on Fraggle Rock which is TOTALLY NORMAL SHUT UP.


  1. I am gross and wrong, for I have never seen The Goonies. But I hope my wrongness is mitigated by the fact that The Sound of Music was one of the few movies I'd seen before age 13, which is when I moved to the US and discovered that OMG THERE ARE STORES WITH LIKE THOUSANDS OF MOVIES AND FOR JUST A FEW DOLLARS YOU CAN TAKE THEM HOME AND WATCH THEM AND THE MAGIC IS YOURS FOR A BRIEF SPAN OF TIME. And within 2 years, I'd seen every Rogers-and-Astaire movie. [And yes, I feel as if that paragraph I just wrote sounded similar to something that Jennie would write. Also, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle is unjustly underrated.]

  2. Baxlala long time no speaky! I had to chime in because I am super super jealous of your singalong experience. I have actually been on the official Sound of Music bus tour in Salzburg (evidence!, which also a singalong, and there's really nothing like fans en masse trumpeting about their elevated levels of confidence. Happy you had such a wonderful time and here's to many more!

  3. You love The Goonies? Wow, you need to get to Astoria, Oregon eventually. One because it's lovely and TWO! Because! They! Filmed! The Goonies! There!

    Then you can go see the house where they were getting evicted from because someone was supposedly going to build a golf course there and realize that there is no way in hell that a golf course would ever fit in that oddly shaped piece of land because there's too many roads and streets in the way but it doesn't matter because there are a bunch more Goonie sights to see and they are all fun.

    Plus Kindergarten Cop was also filmed in Astoria so you can stop in front of the school on your way out of town and scream, "It's not a tumor!", at the top of your lungs.

    Also, it's near the beach. So that's nice too.

  4. Joe needs to see The Goonies. What is up.

  5. I hate the Sound of Music, but I promised I'm not a Nazi.


  6. I've seen The Goonies now. I just hadn't before a couple of years ago.

  7. When we had Sound of Music on VHS, we used to just watch the first tape because it ends before things get sad and Nazi-ish. I heard there's going to be a SOM cast reunion on Oprah soon!

  8. Abigail3:08 PM

    Srah, we did the same thing with the VHS! And every year we go to the Sound of Music sing-a-long at the Hollywood Bowl with All The Gays in Los Angeles and EVERYONE dresses up in liederhosen and edelweis and it's the best.

    We always leave though after the performance at the festival because we're tired and it's sad.

  9. Kiti, you HAVE to see The Goonies. Like right away. I promise it's worth it. Hee.

    lengli, I so want to go on that tour now.

    sprizee, I'm adding the Goonies tour to my Sound of Music tour. We toured the house from A Christmas Story in Cleveland and it was pretty much the greatest day of my life (not counting wedding day, blah blah blah).

    Ashley, don't worry, I made him watch it.

    kat, I believe you. :-)

    Joe, that reminds me that we should probably watch The Goonies again soon.

    srah, we'd do that, too, sometimes! The second tape was so depressing.

    Abs, I need to go to that sing-a-long with you sometime, OK? OK.

  10. Anyway, it turns out that Julie Andrews works kind of like anti-depressants.

    I love that. I love that so much.

  11. Target has a Goonies t-shirt. I may go get this. Spread the Goonies love.

    We don't have these sing-a-longs, but they sound like fun! You know what we do have, though? Harry Potter marathons. They are the best thing in the world.

  12. Do you feel the same about "The Music Man"? Because that's another favourite from my childhood, and when I was trying to watch the admittedly-much-less-good-than-the-original remake the other day, Kamran flipped out like I was inflicting torture.

  13. Abigail, I love how "All The Gays" is capitalized. It makes it sound like there's some sort of association with membership cards and everything.