Saturday, August 13, 2011

I think maybe Dexter used to live in Dayton, Ohio.

You know what? Weekends seem a lot shorter when you have a job to go to Monday morning. For like three months, weekends only felt different to me because Joe was home, which meant I (usually) showered before five o'clock. But this working thing? Working full-time, I mean? It's really cutting into my free time. For instance, I started writing this post LAST weekend and this is the first chance I've had to finish it. Although, that's not really true because I watched like three hours of Mad Men the other night but whatever I digress.

We've been filling a lot of our non-work free time with hunting houses. We found one that we loved and put an offer on but...didn't get it. Someone beat us. I would like to beat them. Jerks. But whatever, we'll just keep looking and I'm sure we'll find something. I keep going back to one of the first houses we saw that was built in like 1920 and had hidden little nooks and an awesome basement we could finish and WAS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL and just, you guys, we could not stop gushing about it. But the backyard is small, the garage looks like a strong wind might knock it down, and it's right on a busy street. This is what I keep reminding myself. Plus, we saw the electricity bills for the summer and the gas bills for the winter and HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD were they high. SIGH.

We looked at eight houses this morning and I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit discouraged because we weren't really wild about any of them. Two were OK but we had reservations about both. And my notes on the houses? The notes that started out really detailed with stuff like...I don't even remember, something about the taxes and the size of the rooms and whatever, house stuff? Those have devolved into this:

Which is not altogether helpful but, you guys, this house TOTALLY HAD A MURDER ROOM. I'm almost positive I saw blood on the walls but I don't know, I'm not a blood spatter expert.


  1. A haunted house is a plus in my book (so long as it's not too haunted), but a murder room is probably over the line for me. I wish you guys luck, though, with your hunting!

  2. Two pieces of advice:

    1. Never settle for anything in a house less than what you're really happy with, because you'll regret settling for less eventually.

    2. Never underestimate the versatility of having a murder room in your house. The practicality of an entire room dedicated solely to murder can't be overstated.

  3. Could you convert the murder room into some kind of library?

  4. I heart your house notes so hard. My friends' new house doesn't have a murder room, but it does have a secret soundproof room with tons of outlets, so we think the previous tenants either had a huge rock band or were growing pot up there. Handy! Good luck in the house search-- I know how frustrating it is, but I'm sure that with a little patience you'll find something great.

  5. protip: make sure you pour buckets of water all over the homes you are looking at to check for possible leaks.

    just trust me on this one.

  6. Buying a house is haaaaaaard. I wish someone would just give us one and then fix it if it breaks.

  7. When we were looking for our current rental we looked at about 20 houses in Los Angeles, 25% of those houses had either a murder room, a murder shed, a rape basement or a place to put your old grandma out of her misery.

    House hunting is HARD. Why so many murder and rape places, home owners?

  8. It's a little disconcerting, right? We haven't seen any murder sheds yet but now I'll definitely be on the lookout.