Wednesday, December 19, 2012

if I was a robot, I'd say, "SYSTEM MALFUNCTION" but I'm not so I won't

I hate to get on here and just complain and complain and complain but that's all I feel like doing lately and if you think YOU'RE sick of it, think of how I feel. But mostly how Joe feels. Poor Joe. Actually, no, NOT poor Joe. He's off work all this week and next week so HE'S DOING JUST FINE.

It's no secret that I'm jealous of all of Joe's time off but really, I could have done the same, I just didn't. I'm saving my vacation time for...something? I'm always saving my vacation time for something because I'm always afraid I'll run out. It's a very tricksy situation because if I DON'T use it all by the end of the year (which is June 30th for me), I lose it. Not that I'd ever allow that to happen but it's always a possibility. Anyway.

So Joe's off work all week and so are lots of other people and the rest of the people don't feel like working because DUH CHRISTMAS. Did you know it's almost Christmas? It seems to sneak up on me every year but that's especially true this year. I've purchased all of my gifts but not all have arrived yet and I've wrapped exactly NONE of them. Not that I spend all that much time wrapping them anyway, they always end up looking like a 2-year-old with a sugar high got ahold of them, but still. It does take SOME time, no matter how half-assed you wrap everything.

I cannot tell you how many typos I've made writing this post, short as it is so far, but it's been a lot. I feel like lately my brain isn't really functioning on all cylinders. FULL DISCLOSURE: I spelled cylinders wrong my first three tries THANK YOU SPELL CHECK. I'm sure I used to know how to spell cylinders without outside assistance but no longer. I blame smartphones.

Anyway. I'm so bored with everything INCLUDING MYSELF that I started this yesterday and then completely forgot about it which is probably a sign that I shouldn't post it but I won't let THAT stop me because I haven't posted in a while, which means any crap is better than no crap even if it's extra crappy crap.

Speaking of crap, yesterday Max pooped in the house, which is weird because he's been SO GOOD lately about not using our home for a toilet. We were having trouble a while ago with Phoebe pooping in random places (LIKE OUR BED) a couple of times but it turned out her litter box lining just needed to be changed and now she's SUPER HAPPY to poop where she's supposed to. And Max is super happy to eat it. I think if Max could talk (something Joe and I discussed yesterday) my number one question would be something along the lines of, "Max, why did you poop in the hallway?" or "Max, why the fuck do you eat poo poo WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU." Because gross. Also, I've been talking about poop for a really long time. Good talk, team! MERRY CHRISTMAS.


  1. It's not a true Jennie post without at least one mention of poop.

  2. So, I don't get out to the interwebs much these days, but here I am now and are you seriously telling me that your cat chose not to take a dump in sand/gravel because of the LINER that surrounded said sand/gravel mixture? I'm a dog person, so take this with a grain of salt, but HOLY SHIT, WHAT THE HELL?

    1. Yeah. Cats are fucking assholes.