Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Amphibian love triangle

I went back to Cox Arboretum tonight, as I have done the past couple nights, because the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I almost talked myself out of it, but thankfully realized that possibly missing Beauty and the Geek was not a good enough excuse not to go. Yeah, I know, it was close.

My new favorite part of Cox is the blind that overlooks the wetlands. There's usually no one else in there, I guess because you're basically staring at stagnant water while birds fly around and bullfrogs and turtles occasionally move. I don't care, it's peaceful.

Tonight, though, oh . . . tonight was a treat. I witnessed a bullfrog mating ritual. I think. I'm pretty sure, I mean, I don't know what else they could have been doing. And I thought, who else but you, dear Internet(s) could I share this special experience with.

There were three players, an amphibian love triangle with two men obsessed with the same woman while the woman played hard to get. The first male, who I will call Dawson, made the mating call (which, according to the information sheets hanging on the walls, apparently sounds like "jug a rum, more rum," like, whatever you say, information sheets, maybe you should lay off the rum) and then would hop through the water after the female, who I'll call Joey. Dawson would hop on top of Joey, but she was quick. She'd duck under the water out of his grasp. Smart Joey. Soon, the other male, who I'll call Pacey (duh) noticed the commotion and wanted in on the action. Soon he was "jug a rumming" toward Joey, too, but she kept darting away from both. This went on for about five minutes, as I watched with my chin resting on the edge of the open window.

I don't know if Joey chose Dawson or Pacey, but I was rooting for Pacey because Dawson looked like a self-important douchebag with a giant forehead (hence the name). I didn't get to see how the drama played out because a group of people chose that moment to stomp into the blind and they totally killed the mood.

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