Tuesday, June 28, 2005

please forgive me, Internet friends

I've been neglecting the internet. Please do not call Blog Services to try and get my blog taken away from me. I promise to take better care of it, I'll feed it every day and stop locking it in the closet, I swear!

I'm not neglecting on purpose, you see, I mean to write almost every day. It's just that there's been a reappearance of my actual life recently and I kind of like it. Instead of coming straight home after work, sometimes I go out to dinner with friends or, yes, EVEN GO OUT INTO NATURE and commune with the squirrels and whatnot.

This past weekend Stiffie and I traveled to the faraway land of Indiana to visit Beau and, more importantly, Rigly (just kidding, Beau (no, she's not (shut up, split parenthetical personality))). Rigly is Beau's weimareiner and she has been added to the list of my favorite dogs. It's not a very long list, not because I don't love all dogs, but just because I don't know that many dogs on a personal level. Rigly, although she scratched the shit out of my arms, but it was OK because she only did it because she was JUST SO HAPPY, won my affection when she crawled into my lap while I was sitting in a flimsy lawn chair because she was scared of the firecrackers. And if there's one thing I love, it's when big dogs think they're little dogs and also it was JUST SO DAMN CUTE and if you'd been there you'd understand why it makes my heart ache a little just thinking about it.

Anyway, the weekend was full of fun and probably-not-so-intelligent activities, such as starting a bonfire in the 90 DEGREE HEAT (not intelligent) to seeing Bewitched (also not intelligent, but still funny because, duh, Will Ferrell) to introducing Beau to the wonder that is Napoleon Dynamite (totally intelligent) to taking Stiffie to a TJ Maxx when we had to be to the movie in an hour (maybe not intelligent, but she didn't even buy anything and do you hear that sound? That is my mind blowing.)

And I don't mean to blow your mind as well, Internet, but I have SO MANY PLANS this weekend. I'm not trying to brag, really, it's just that lately my weekends have consisted of sitting around and watching movies and, for some real excitement, LAUNDRY. So please allow me a moment to state the fact that I have plans Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday and they are all awesome . . . and in no small part is that because most of the plans involve my friend Mary who I have not seen in SEVEN MONTHS because she's been in Brazil. In fact, I get to see a LOT of my best friends this weekend and all I can say is watch out, Dayton, and don't say I didn't warn you and also, please do not call the police because we're just having fun and as far as I know that's not illegal in this country. Yet.

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