Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm having a me partaaaaay

You guys, how is it only Thursday? Every day this week has gone really quickly and yet the week itself has lasted at least 12 years by now. For serious. I also haven't posted in two weeks, which is ridiculous, but in my defense, I thought I posted last week which is totally a good excuse. I'm having a hard time believing that March is almost over so in my head, I was all, "oh, it's still like March 14th." But it's not, you guys, it's March 22nd. It's SPRING. Although, if you went by the thermometer, it's more like summer. What is going on? It is so blazing hot in our house, at least upstairs (the basement is Cool City, population US), but I refuse to turn on the AC, even for a few days, because IT IS MARCH AND THAT IS CRAZY. Do you hear that, Ohio? Cut it out right now.

I realize, even as I complain about the unseasonably warm weather, just how crazy it all is because just a month ago, I should have been complaining about how cold it was. But it never really got all that cold this winter. I think it only snowed a couple of inches and we didn't even get one freak ice storm. Which...yeah, great, but I don't feel as thankful for the warm weather this year because, whatever, it was like sixty degrees on Christmas day. I think. I don't remember. I didn't blog about it so who knows if Christmas even happened. 

So here's something weird (GREAT SEGUE, JENNIE). I've grown completely addicted to a show I never, ever thought I'd be this obsessed with, and that show is The Good Wife. I cannot explain to you why I love it so much OH WAIT YES I CAN, it's because all I want in this universe is for Will and Alicia to make out and have a million, trillion babies. YOU GUYS. I love them. Well. Mostly Josh Charles, who I will forever love for the following reasons: Sports Night, Dead Poets Society, and (this accounts for at least 80% of my love for him) Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.

Anyway, we just started the second season and there have been NO MAKEOUTS YET. COME ON YOU GUYS JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY. UGH. I'm not trying to be all Cooper Nielson or anything, but why won't TV characters just do what I want when I say I want it? Stupid writers.

Let's see, what else have I done recently. OH. This is important! A couple of weekends ago, I watched The Gate. I know I've talked about The Gate before. I just know it. Hold on, I'll try and find it. OH MAN DON'T WORRY, here it is. So yeah. The Gate is a charming tale of two siblings, allowed to stay home all alone one weekend, and the little boy's (STEPHEN DORFF!) friend and also two of the older sister's friends who are awful. There is a hole in the backyard from having a tree removed (not, as I previously stated, from them trying to dig a pool...what) so they put a gate over it. Obviously.

Some other crazy shit happens, like the boy's friend thinking he sees the ghost of his dead mother, and then dancing with said ghost, only to wake up to find he's been dancing and hugging the family dog, WHO IS ALSO DEAD WHAT THE FUCKING HELL. I had completely forgotten about that part. I guess my young mind edited it out of my brain to protect my fragile mind. I'm not sure it worked. But OK, back to the story. The dog ends up buried in the backyard, next to the hole to Hell, which causes a bunch of demons to come spilling out and it's just a bad situation all around. I won't tell you how it ends because you should obviously watch it. It's on Netflix Instant and you're welcome in advance.

As I was writing this, I felt like there was something I hadn't told you guys and I just remembered what it was, but I feel unprepared to tell you the story at this time (not because it's bad or anything but because it's kind of a long story) so I'll tell it next time, I promise (I am sure you're on pins and needles), but I can tell you that it involves groundhogs and peeing outside. YEAH GET EXCITED.


  1. I've been singing Me Party all day. Just thought you ought to know.

  2. I get Muppet songs stuck in my head a lot more often than I think is normal. Oh well, I'm OK with it.

  3. I watched the first season of The Good Wife and then gave it up for my master's exams. I should get back in to it, I really liked it a lot.

  4. You should! I'm surprised at how into it I am. Shipping is a strong drug, though.