Friday, November 02, 2012

blah blah poopty blah

What you want before a big weekend is lots of stress and excitement, which is why I'm really glad that last night a possum decided to hang out in our backyard, on top of our fence, taunting Max until we could bribe him to come in with treats (Beggin Strips finally did the trick). IT WAS SO FUN. Only not really. Possums are freaky as shit, you guys. It just sat there, on the fence, looking at us with its creepy, beady eyes, it's long, pink rat-tail-on-steroids flicking back and forth.

Anyway. That happened. And neither dog nor possum was attacked by the other so I guess we're putting that one in the win column? It would seem so.

All of this happened after some stress over our furnace not working because did you know that right before you have a busy weekend is also the perfect time for your furnace to not work? Especially if it's like 34 degrees outside. So that gave me something to freak out about, which is nice, because if I'm not worrying about something, I just don't know what to do with myself. It was a super easy fix, though not a super CHEAP fix, which has pretty much been the trend in our year of homeownership.

Good things did happen yesterday, though. Don't get me wrong. I came home from work early and Joe worked from home, so once he was done working, we went to vote. Early! I mean WHAT. It was magical and only took about  half an hour, once we found the place we were supposed to be. When we got there, we were directed down a series of escalators into an auditorium, where we had to fill out some paperwork and listen to a guy say the same thing, over and over, and at that point I really hoped that he was getting paid.

Eventually, we were sent to pick up our ballots. Since we were voting early, we filled out absentee ballots, which meant that instead of using the electronic voting machines, we filled out paper ballots. I am psychotic, so I spent most of my time making sure the bubble next to each candidate was completely filled out. BECAUSE WHAT IF IT WASN'T FILLED OUT RIGHT AND MY VOTE WASN'T COUNTED OMG YOU GUYS I WOULD BE SO SAD FOREVER.

Anyway, the whole bubble-voting process reminded me of high school when we'd have those scantron tests. Did you guys have those? They were basically these long sheets with little bubbles (except not really because they were square?) and you had to fill them out with a #2 pencil ONLY NO OTHER NUMBERS DON'T EVEN THINK OF TRYING TO USE A #47 PENCIL OR YOU'LL BE EXPELLED and if you didn't fill them out right, your answers wouldn't get tallied by the machine and then you'd fail and probably die. It was very serious.

I guess my point is voting is fun, in general, and in the grand scheme of things, bubble voting falls somewhere between the let-down of pushing buttons on the electronic machine and the fun of poking chads with the stabby needle thing.


I Ohio Voting? WTF does that mean?