Sunday, July 20, 2008


I've been kidnapped by pirates!

Just kidding. I do need help, though. Not like mental help, but I have a question. Do you guys remember that toy that was like . . . um, OK. It was filled with water and had little plastic balls (hee) in it and when you pushed buttons at the bottom, it pushed air into the water and made the balls (hee) move around. I had one with a red base. Joe used to play with his at the doctor's office (hee). I tried to Google it, but when you Google "80s toy water balls," you get really weird results.

So, yeah. If you could tell me what that toy is called and where I might find one, that'd be awesome. Good talk.


  1. Jennifer10:16 PM

    I'm guessing you mean something like this?

  2. Jennifer10:19 PM

    oh, also (Sorry for the double comment) Oriental Trading has many without Jesus too. That one was just the one that popped up first. Jesus is really popular, I've heard.

  3. Well, m'dear... I remember what you're referring to (because I when I took my kids to the doctor's office, I got the toy first-good therapy for moms). However, I can't find it either.

    But I did have a similar need once. And I found it! Here it is. It might not have balls but it does have bulbs (does that count?)

  4. Sorry, I'm not making any sense and I'm not going to try to correct it.

  5. Oh, gosh, I totally had two or three of those growing up, I can see the damn things in my mind (bubbles and all), but if they ever had a formal name I don't know what it is. Ugh. I don't know where to even begin searching for something like that.

  6. They have a miniature version of that toy at the bagel shop here, and my son LOVES to play with it. But I won't let him until they clean that nasty-ass thing -- you should see all the hand grime on it! Blech!!!! Still, I don't know what it's called. Wish I did though.

  7. It seems, from what's on the Oriental Trading Company site, that their formal name is "Water Game". I think we can definitely come up with something better than that. For now, I'm going to go with
    "Water Ball Button Thing".

    Also, you can get a dozen of them for only $7.99! That's insanity! Why would you ever do with twelve of those? Maybe that's why doctor's offices have them. They're extremely amusing, and super-cheap!

  8. I loved that thingy, as well. I had one of my own. It actually uppsets me that 'Water Game' is the only official name in existence. I therefore, choose to call it:

    Johnny Awesome's Water-based Ball Propulsion Extravaganza'

    Because I loved it as a child and if I had one right now, I'd be playing with it instead of myself.

  9. This is the closest thing I've got:

    "You put the balls in and they pop out of my mouth."

  10. I just did a google image search on "water sports with balls" and info security led me out of the building.

    Okay, I didn't really google that. But someone should, and then tell me all about it. No, wait... don't.