Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's curtains for you, Dr. Horrible. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.

Hello, Internets. I barely have the energy to type this. I'm just . . . so . . . tired.

Heh. I'm really on edge right now, because they're doing some construction or something downstairs and they're drilling and it sounds like the loudest fart ever. Like, say someone farted so loud that your head exploded? That's how loud the drilling is, only my head hasn't exploded yet because drilling doesn't make heads explode, only farting does.

This morning I watched Saved by the Bell as I was getting ready for work. It was the one where Zach hires Screech to tutor Kelly so Kelly will pass her test and take Zach to see George Michael. That sounds really complicated, doesn't it? No. It doesn't. What's wrong with you? Anyway, Kelly goes over to Screech's house and he has a robot in his room named Kevin who is sort of a rip off of Johnny 5. But then again, so is Wall-E. WHAT? I love Wall-E, too, but COME ON. He looks like the love child of Johnny 5 and E.T. and if you think Johnny 5 and E.T. never got it on, then you are sorely mistaken. They had a brief, illicit affair in the hills of Montana one summer. Does Montana have hills? IRRELEVANT.

Um. Right. I thought it would be fun to recap an episode of Saved by the Bell, but I didn't get to finish watching the one this morning, because my boss says that I can't call in late to work just because I want to finish watching a TV show. Even if it's Saved by the Bell. If I'd seen the whole episode, though, I'd recap the shit out of it. I don't remember what happens in that one, even though I've seen every episode of Saved by the Bell at least three times. AT LEAST. Remember that time Tori Spelling was on that show? What the hell?

Anyway, so my point is, I saw two movies this weekend. What do you mean that has nothing to do with Saved by the Bell? ZIP YOUR LID. I saw The Dark Knight, which was as amazing as everyone said it would be. I also saw Mamma Mia!, which made me want to rip out my eyeballs and shove them in my ears so I wouldn't have to experience that cinematic Armageddon any longer. Yikes, you guys, that movie was ten shades of awful. It hurts me to say that about a movie Mr. Darcy was in, but that's how bad the movie was. SO BAD. You know what made up for it, though? Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. I hope you watched it. If you didn't, I hope you had a good excuse, like you were feeding hungry orphans melted chocolate from an eye dropper or something.


  1. For someone with no energy, your brain sure is all spastic.

    I'm not surprised about Mamma Mia! though. I mean, I could've told you before that it was going to suck. And then you wouldn't have wasted $8. So, you should give me $8.

  2. See? I also thought Mamma Mia would suck, so you should send me $8 too. Although really? Out here the price is $8.50.

  3. dr. horrible made me really, really wish NPH was straight. and in love with me.

    also, it made me wish dr. horrible was a real live person. let's not delve into the psychological ramifications of that. (also, i just wanted to say the word ramification.)

  4. You know who grew up to be a real douchebag? Screech. Well, Dustin Diamond. Same dif.

  5. Jennifer12:52 PM

    and then one time, Zack made Screech enter the Miss Bayside pageant and then Slater entered and then Kevin the robot punched Screech in the face and then Zach told everyone Slater did it.

    What! Stop judging me!

  6. A lovechild of an alien AND a robot? Kat will have nightmares for weeks!

    I LOVE Dr. Horrible SO MUCH. I want to nom him. I hope there will be more installments about the Evil League of Evil.

    Also, squeeeee! You can e-mail Bad Horse!!


  7. I was doing the orphan thing. With the eye dropper. Sorry, it just seemed more important.

  8. Stephanie, it's because my brain sucks up all the available energy.

    Shari, I do not understand your Earth logic.

    Kat! if I wasn't so lazy, I'd be stalking NPH right now.

    h!a! you speak the truth. What a massive tool.

    Jennifer, remember that time Slater's lizard died? That was some hardcore drama.

    mg! OH MY GOD. I will be doing that ASAP.

    Sir, whatever, orphans don't even like chocolate.

  9. Fraulein N3:01 PM

    Dammit. I can't believe Mamma Mia sucks. I mean, I CAN believe it, I just wish I didn't, because I was actually planning to see it. On account of the Darcy, you understand, and the singing and whatnot. Alas. Maybe I'll see it when it's on DVD.

  10. DR. HORRIBLE! Also, will you like me less if I tell you that I really liked Mamma Mia? I think it was the music. I'm such a sucker.

  11. I was spoon feeding chickpeas to a homeless baby... again.

    I saw the preview for Mamma Mia and I want to know what kind of magic they worked on Meryl in that movie - she is a wrinkly old bag and they somehow made her arthritic ass look spunky, fresh and fun (and screwable?) WTF?

  12. There's nothing screwable about Meryl Streep. Nothing.