Monday, September 22, 2008

the devil went down to Georgia and then made me his bitch

I spent the majority of this weekend enjoying the electricity that I did without for half of last week and WAH WAH WAH don't you feel sorry for me? I hope not. Feel sorry for the people who still don't have power, even a week after the Windicane (trademark: Joe) that struck Ohio. It's true! My boss is one of those people. I think she's handling it really well, because if it were me? At this point I would have started at least 3.5 riots.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I spent at least a third of my waking hours playing Guitar Hero. Friday night, Steve and Joe came over and helped Heidi and I beat the game on Easy for our band: DONKEY! So on Saturday, I started to play it on Medium, but I was all, "this is hard," that's what she said, so I finished my own band on Easy. Not the whole thing, just like half, cause I'd started my band last week. Then I tried my hand at Medium again and, after a few embarrassments (but no failures, THANK YOU VERY MUCH), I sort of got the hang of the blue button. But, ouch, my hand. Yesterday, Joe and I tried to beat the game on Medium, but Lou the Devil guy totally kicked both of our asses, so instead we went and got Chinese food, which turned out to be a much better decision because Chinese food doesn't make me want to throw fake guitars through the television.

We also watched Once last night, because I hadn't seen it in months and months. I'd been afraid to watch it again because of the crippling depression that came after my first viewing, but things were much better this time. I mean, it was still soul-crushing and everything, so much so that I threatened to write my own sequel called Twice, but I didn't go through a box of tissues like I did last time. I'm pretty sure the only reason I wanted to watch it is because we toyed with the idea of going to see The Swell Season in Columbus tonight, but as we are already going to a concert tomorrow night, I couldn't justify both. Actually, we were going to buy tickets on Saturday, but there weren't any good seats left. So I didn't even make a good decision, the seats made it for me. WHATEVER.

I did make at least one good decision this weekend, and that was to not go see My Best Friend's Girl's Wedding or whatever the hell it's called. I heard it actually wasn't that bad, even with the Dane Cook factor, because he played Jerkface McDouchebag, which is the perfect role for him. But, in the end, I decided I cannot willingly provide money to Dane Cook, unless I'm paying him for the honor of kicking him in the nutsack.

Anyway. Things are pretty damn good at the moment, especially because last night when we played Scrabble, I totally spelled "spermy." How are you, Internets?


  1. i'm sleeeeeeeeepy.

  2. no wonder the Whammy bar is broken!

  3. kat, meeeeeeee too.

    Tam, see, that's the weird thing . . . I barely use the Whammy bar and it was working fine on Saturday. Maybe Phoebe played it when no one was home.

  4. You should just sneak into the movie. That's what I do.

  5. I'm a little spermy, I think. Thanks for asking.

  6. OMG, PLEASE make a sequel called Twice.

    And I, too, would pay to kick Dane Cook in the nutsack. Side business for when he's not "acting"!

  7. I'm with MG! here -- PLEASE write Twice!!!!!!!!!

    Pretty please?

  8. Fraulein N6:53 PM

    Not going to see "My Best Friend's Girl" is always a good decision. I don't give a damn who said it's not that bad, I refuse to acknowledge that fucking Jason Biggs is still making movies. Dammit, I thought we were done with him.

  9. So, I found your bog through somewhere and think you are quite funny... Usually, I don't comment, but I can't find anyone else who likes the Swell Season, so...

    I wanted you to know that I saw them in concert and loved them. They are really interactive with the audience and Glen makes me swoon with his accent.

    Although, I sort of think it is weird that they are dating. I mean, he is like 40 and she is 19. They met when she was 14 or something because he is friends with her father. Kind of gross...