Tuesday, November 04, 2008

liveblogging the election: death is not an option

Heidi: Bax. Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams?
Me: Oooh, that's tough. Brian Williams.
Heidi: I'd go Anderson Cooper ... Steve?
Steve: Brian Williams!
Heidi: Um, no. Katie Couric or Campbell Brown?

So, Steve went gay. And then Joe made inappropriate comments about Soledad O'Brien and Campbell Brown mud-wrestling. Naked.

Steve: Best. Election Night. Ever.


  1. Abigail9:14 PM

    Anderson! Anderson!

  2. Brian Williams and Campbell Brown, even if she is knocked up right now. Oooh, a Brian Williams/Campbell Brown baby. That would be a pretty, political kid!

  3. I posted my comment too quickly. Are you psyched that Ohio was called like a minute ago?!

  4. Soledad O'Brien has that certain something that drives men wild. I think it might be the Soledad in her first name. So hott.

  5. Heidi would like to point out that Soledad has very pretty eyes, whether they are enhanced by contacts or not.