Thursday, November 06, 2008

deep thoughts

I've been watching a lot of TV lately. Here's the thing, though, I haven't really been watching that much NEW TV. It's mostly been TV shows on DVD, which is so much easier than watching stuff live. Not that TiVo lets us watch anything live anyway. Not when we can PAUSE REAL TIME MWAAHAAHAA!

Ahem. It's not to say I haven't still been watching new shows. Although I'm still behind on 30 Rock, I'm caught up on Pushing Daisies. And The Office.

(sidebar: Did The Office rip off 30 Rock last week? With Dwight wearing all the Cornell stuff? Like that dude wore the Harvard stuff on 30 Rock? I haven't actually seen that episode of 30 Rock so I'm not sure.)

I think I'm also behind on How I Met Your Mother. Um. I think that's all I watch. Until Lost starts, but even on that front, I'll totally watch the reruns if I catch them. I was watching it the other night and it was when they introduced the Tailies and I was all, "OMG, remember SHANNON?" and how she was banging Sayid? It was right after Boone died. I don't really remember. Anyway. Here are the shows I've been watching on DVD and also some thoughts:

Pushing Daisies: I was watching the new ones and Season 1 simultaneously, so I kept getting a bit confused about what happened when, but OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. I love this show. It makes me happy on my insides. I love every aspect of it, except that Ned and Chuck can't touch, yeah yeah yeah I KNOW that's important blah blah whatever. It doesn't stop me from loving the show, though, because you guys? There is a dog named Digby. And he is so cute. And when Kristen Chenowith made friends with a pig, she named it Pigby. How could you not love a show like that?

Chuck: I find this show enjoyable, but it frustrates me on a couple levels. I think, for the most part, the characters are all unique and hilarious and fun to watch. With the exception of one person, and that person is Sarah. This is a problem because she's of the main characters. I don't really get why Chuck is all in love with her, because she's SO BLAND. Yeah, she's hot and could probably kill someone with her pinky, but YAAAAAAAAAWN. Also, and maybe this is because I watched the show all at once, I got so sick of the "will they won't they" Chuck/Sarah storyline. I know this is ridiculous, because that's half the reason I loved Alias so much, but...yeah, I think it's Sarah's fault. This one time Summer was on the show as Chuck's love interest and I really liked her. Because she had a personality. Anyway, if you ignore Sarah for the most part, the show is really good.

Firefly: I LOVED THIS SHOW. It was so fun. It was like cowboy pirates in space. I don't have much to say about this show, other than once we'd finished it and after we'd watched Serenity, I was sad there wasn't more to watch.

Sports Night: I've actually seen all of these episodes before, back when it was on TV all ahead of its time. I enjoy it. I heart the 90s fashions and it makes me wish Felicity Huffman's talent wasn't being wasted over on the set of Desperate Housewives. Get out, Felicity! Get out while you can!

The West Wing: Maybe it was because I was all inspired after the election, I don't know, but last night I really wanted to watch The West Wing. I never watched it when it was on because...I don't know. I forgot. I wish I'd watched it, though, IT'S AMAZING. I can see how it was a welcome escape through the Bush years. Jed Bartlet...that man gives good speech.


  1. YES! one more pushing daisies convert!

    also, i loved sports night. yet another show canceled way too soon.

  2. Seriously. It's so good! I wish they'd show reruns on TV.

  3. yeah, i totally didn't understand why they didn't rerun the first season after the writers' strike. they could have picked up about a trillion new viewers.

  4. did you seriously just mention Sports Night and West Wing in one post? If you weren't already my favorite, this sealed it.

  5. Pushing Daisies = Awesome.

    I loved Chuck, too, and also spent a lot of time wishing the writers would get on with their lives, i.e. the Sarah thing. After awhile, it doesn't matter how hot a person is...just stop.

    I have yet to pick up the final season of The West Wing, but have watched the other seasons probably a two or three times just as brain candy. The writing was painfully impressive (any president with those kinds of writers can't help but sound good).

  6. Re: 30 Rock vs. The Office - kind of, but The Office did it so. much. better. It was the best of the storylines last week, I thought.

  7. Wait, where are you finding reruns of Sports Night? "You're watching Sports Night, so stick around."

    DUDE -- WE WATCHED EVERY EPISODE until they cancelled it. Damn them. It should NEVER have been cancelled. It should STILL be in production! It was effing BRILLIANT! Show me where to find it and I will love you more than I already do, which is a lot X infinity.

  8. Firefly! Pushing Daisies! 30 Rock! The Office! I think I need more exclamation marks!

  9. Firefly and Sports Night and West Wing... wow. TV may be the devil, but those are the exceptions, and I think I love you. Oh, Netflix...

  10. Fraulein N6:05 PM

    Yay, more love for Pushing Daisies warms my heart!