Wednesday, June 11, 2008

nobody ever told her it's the wrong way

Last night, a while after Heidi had gone to get her manicure (I was invited, but (and I know this will surprise you) I decided not to go), my phone rang.

Heidi: Hi.
Me: Hi.
Heidi: Do you want meet us at Bar Louie?
Me: Bar Louie?
Heidi: Yeah, we're gonna get dinner and drinks.
Me: Awesome, I'll be right up.

And up I went, because not only had I written my 300 words for the day, but I'd ALSO written an article. I mean, I would have gone up there anyway, but I felt far less guilty since I'd actually done some work. And you guys? If you thought the 123 GoBox was good, just HOLD ONTO YOUR MINDS BECAUSE I AM ABOUT TO BLOW THEM. Wow, that is like the poorest choice of words EVER and you'd think I'd delete them and write something else but YOU'D BE WRONG. Get used to it. Um, right. So, Bar Louie was having a special. One. Dollar. Hamburgers. And not like those pussy, little sliders from White Castle, either. Real-sized hamburgers. The toppings all cost like 50 cents extra but who cares? The hamburger (plus bun) was only $1. Which made up for the fact that our beers cost $6. But whatever, who cares, that beer was delicious.

I have no idea what my point is, except that if your friends call and ask if you want to come to the bar, you always say yes. Because you will be rewarded in hamburgers. Cheap, delicious hamburgers.

Also, beer.


  1. So what toppings do you get? And did they charge extra for condiments? Because by the time I was done with that bad-boy at 50 cents a pop for toppings, I'd be into it for another 5 bucks probably. But still, if I got to eat hamburgers and drink beer with you? Totally worth it x 10.

  2. the entire experiance was a plus. So glad FI met us out, [well since you and heidi were there, that was a given] we ate the shit out of some burgers, rocked the hard cider. Oh and wayne circled three times and I almost called the abuse shelter to give them a heads up that a 80lb drunk girl in a striped shirt might show up later.

  3. Shari, I don't think there were enough toppings for a $5 burger. Mine ended up being $2.50, I think.

    Tam, that was so much fun . . . we need to do that more often.

  4. You can call me, 'Sir'4:40 PM

    I take back what I said about Dayton yesterday. This 'Bar Louie' with these $1 hamburgers of which you speak changes EVERYTHING.

  5. I knew you'd see things my way.