Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ben Franklin, do you wear boxers, briefs, or pantaloons?

Last night, I tried to be Ben Franklin and go running in an almost-thunderstorm with a key tied around my waist. You see, none of my shorts have pockets, so I tie the key to the drawstring and then double-knot it so it won't fall off when I'm running. How much would that suck? You get home from a long, exhausting run and you're locked out? No thank you to that. Anyway, when I got home from work yesterday, I put on my running clothes and then sat around reading Entertainment Weekly for a while, but when the sky got all thundery, I thought maybe I should go squeeze in a run before the torrential downpours and tornadoes started again. Not my best idea, considering the lightening started toward the end, at which point I sprinted inside.

FYI, it was like the worst run ever, because it is so humid here that the air is practically water, so when I got home it looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. DISGUSTING. Luckily, Bernard and Sebastian weren't outside. Did I tell you the Hot Guys got another roommate? We haven't named him yet. I think I'll call him Ishmael. Also, one of them got a motorcycle, but we can't tell which one. Although, on Sunday? Motorcycle Hot Guy was outside with no shirt on, messing around with his motorcycle, and then his hot friends came over with THEIR motorcycles and they all rode off together. They were like rebels WITH a cause, and their cause was . . . I don't know, being hot and not wearing shirts.

That wasn't even the best thing that happened this weekend. Oh, no. Nancy, Heidi, and I went to see Sex and the City (meh) and, even though we had just finished dinner, we got in line to get snacks. That's when Nancy saw this:

123 GoBox

That is the 123 GoBox. You get to pick a drink (icee, juice box, or soda) and a snack (plain or peanut M&Ms, granola bites, or Skittles) PLUS ALSO you get a small popcorn. AND BEST OF ALL, it comes in that sweet, little box that has a handle so you don't spill anything. In case you're interested, I got a cherry icee, popcorn with butter, and peanut M&Ms. We thought maybe this sweet deal was only for kids (lucky bastards), but NO, it's for EVERYONE. Oh, and also, that whole happy meal thingie only costs $5.75. Yeah, you read that right. Add that to the fact that I used my eight year old college ID to get a discounted ticket and it was the cheapest movie experience ever. You know, except for when I was little and my parents paid for everything. I miss that.


  1. OMG I want that happy meal thing! I will ask FI to take me to a movie as soon as he is done with boards. hey we should celebrate at bar louie next thursday night. You guys in?

  2. Yeah, the Movie Theater Happy Meal is the best thing ever. I can do next Thursday . . . celebration, yaaay!

  3. I want the 123 Go Box! SO cheap and delicious.

    Also, hot and shirtless? I'd be happy to get behind that cause. Or in front of it.

  4. I wish someone would tell me what kind of good deed I need to do to get my hands on some treasure like that.

  5. mg! I just laughed so hard I snorted water up my nose.

    h!a! alls you have to do is go to the movies! Do you guys have National Amusements theaters?

  6. Cousin Candice11:58 AM

    bah!! I want one of everything - the hot, shirtless guy, the 123 Happy Meal, the movies! Okay, you can keep the rain and the running.

  7. Oh my gosh, the 123 GoBox! Where has it been all my life? I mean, I could have a Diet Coke and plain M&Ms and popcorn OR I could have an Icee and Skittles and popcorn OR I could have a juice box and peanut M&Ms and popcorn and WOW. The possibilities are ENDLESS. I must try one out ASAP.

  8. I am hoping you poured the M&Ms into the popcorn to let them kind of melt, thus creating the salty/sweet goodness that makes me want to quit the gym.