Monday, June 30, 2008


I don't want to brag, but . . . OK, yes, I do. I totally want to brag. I am going to brag to anyone who will listen because I have never gotten to brag about this particular thing before in the (long) history of all my bragging.

OK. Here goes. Yesterday . . . at Chipotle . . . I ate . . . THE ENTIRE BURRITO. See?

This totally makes up for that time in DC when I couldn't eat the whole thing and I covered it with a napkin and then Abigail mocked me for the rest of the trip.

ALSO. It has not escaped my notice that, well, my blog has sucked donkey balls recently*. So. I am now going to (sort of) rip off Kat's idea. If you guys ask me a question in the comments, I'll answer it or whatever. If I feel like it. And if I don't forget about this by tomorrow. YOU'RE WELCOME.

*recently? ha!


  1. I don't have a subscription to Rolling Stone or Vibe and am sadly a little out of the loop on the pop music, so:

    Did Justin Timberlake ever follow through on his promise to bring the sexy back or was it all just smoke-blowing on his part?

  2. Can I be really specific? Because I want to ask "worst date ever," but I don't want you to say something like "Pearl Harbor Day" or "May 18, 1994." More information, please, or a story about a date with a boy.

  3. why are lolcats so funny?

  4. Abigail3:49 PM


  5. Welcome to the proud ranks of the Whole Burrito Eater's Society (WBES). We are few, and we are proud. Join us as we let out a collective groan and sigh, and as we unbutton our pants and fall asleep on our couches.

    And here's a question for you: Name something that you hate (or strongly dislike), that everyone else around you seems to love, and why you are right and they are wrong.(And you can't say babies.)

  6. You have the ability to turn invisible AND fly but these powers will fade after 24 hours. What do you do?

    alternate: It's you who's stuck in an endless repeating day a la Groundhog's Day. What do you do knowing there's no tomorrow, and what do you finally need to make the perfect day so you can advance to the next day?

  7. Did you eat it all at the same time? Because I usually eat the whole burrito, just at two different times.

    But that's not my actual question. My real question is: Why are Ohio, California, Georgia, D.C. and Washington so far from each other, and how do you plan to solve this problem?