Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good news, everyone!

NBC is back! This is good. Not that I won't miss HBO Family. They had been showing Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead like . . . every single day. I heart that movie. Did you know David Duchovny is in it? Well, he is. David Duchovny is also in Beethoven. He and the wife from Everybody Loves Raymond get dragged down the street by the dog. It's funny, if you're a little kid. Actually, even then, it's not really funny.

Internets, prepare to have your minds blown. I haven't even watched last week's episode of The Office yet. I KNOW. I have no good reason for not watching it. It's not like I've been out saving homeless babies from zombies. I mean, zombies wouldn't eat babies anyway, homeless or otherwise, because baby brains are TINY and the zombies would still be really hungry afterward. It would just be a waste of their energy. Anyway. I need to watch it ASAP. Like, before tonight's episode. Now that it's back on TV, I HAVE to watch it live. Or whatever. I mean, it's Beggar's Night, so I might be busy throwing candy at children.

Last night, I watched that Obama thingie that was on a zillion channels. I wasn't going to, because I already know I'm voting for him, but this person in my office listens to conservative talk radio all day (ALL. FUCKING. DAY.), so when Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity start bitching about it, I want to know what they're talking about. Although, when I hear them talking, I don't really hear words, mostly I just hear, "waaaah waaaaaaaah wah wah . . . wah wah waaaaaah," which sort of sounds like a combination of Chewbacca and the adults from the Peanuts cartoons. It's not a pleasant sound, but it's still better than what their real voices sound like. Anyway, I'm really glad I watched it. I even got a little teary, which honestly is not that big of a feat. I get teary during episodes of Saved by the Bell because YOU KNOW WHAT? It was really sad when Zack and Kelly broke up!

I was going to refrain from all political talk this time around, after live-blogging the election four years ago, but I am very, very nervous. Even more nervous than I was in 2004 and believe you me, I was PRETTY DAMN NERVOUS in 2004. I never would have thought that anything would be scarier than another four years of W, but congratulations McCain and Palin! You did it!

UPDATE: Halloween pictures!


  1. hey, what's beggar's night?

  2. You know, trick-or-treat night, when all the tiny children come begging for candy.

  3. Here I am, all alone, wondering what went wrong. Did we ever have a chance?

    I tear up over everything these days, to a point where it's getting ridiculous. I'm glad you watched the Obama Variety Hour for me so that I didn't have to weep openly. I already teared up during a line of a song yesterday, so I couldn't handle any more.

  4. But Geezer/Dingbat are MAVERICKS! Also, where are the Halloween pictures missy?

  5. h!a! SERIOUSLY.

    mg! what song was it?

    heidi, ahhhhh! They are on my Flickr page but not here. I will fix that ASAP!


  7. Wait... beggar's night is TOMORROW. At least out here that's the way we play it.

    But I'm really glad you got NBC back. Now I have to go look at your Halloween photos.