Tuesday, October 14, 2008

there is talk of barfing . . . don't say I didn't warn you

Hi, Internets. It's Tuesday. Just so you know. Some of you may be confused because yesterday was Columbus Day, and so you might not have had to work. I didn't. I'm not bragging or anything, I totally deserved it and here is why. I was supposed to go hang out with my BFFs on Saturday. At a bar. For much drinking. IN THE AFTERNOON and also at night. But here's what happened instead. I took a shower, felt sick, sat on the edge of the bathtub, and then realized I was going to vom and vom hard. And so vom I did, and while I was vomming, I realized I really needed to clean my bathroom.

So I missed hanging out with my BFFs, but luckily Joe brought over some movies so I wouldn't be too bored and Heidi kept me updated throughout the evening (for instance, "we are at mcs and there were naked men") and then she sent me a video of everyone saying they missed me. I finally left the apartment Sunday night because I was going CRAZY. It's weird, because I would willingly stay in the apartment all hermit-like for days at a time if I didn't have to go to work, but if I didn't CHOOSE to stay there, I get all cranky and have to leave immediately.

It's a damn good thing I had yesterday off, since I spent most of the weekend feeling like my stomach was going to rip itself in half. Several important things happened. I rode a dinosaur:

dino pal

I went to a used bookstore and it smelled like old books and I sort of got lost in the stacks in the back and it was awesome.

I think I have decided to be Sarah Palin for Halloween. And Joe is going to be Joe Six Pack. Really, I wanted to be Liz Lemon because I could just wear my normal clothes and hair and glasses and I'm lazy so that really suits me. Or I could be Punky Brewster. I'll decide later, I'm tired right now.


  1. The smell of used books would be one of the scents in Mmortentia for me.

  2. so Joe gets to wear his normal clothes and you don't? That seems unfair.

    p.s. Maybe you're prego

  3. Nah, unless I'm some freak of science, that's impossible.

  4. You're right. It's probably just a food baby.

  5. Riding dinosaurs can make you pregnant. They're full of paleolithic sperm... way stronger than the non-paleolithic stuff.

  6. Food babies are the worst babies of all the babies.

    Stephanie, that's the grossest thing I've ever heard.

  7. I bet that's not true. Liar.