Thursday, February 19, 2009

Remember on Lost? When they met the Others?

It's snowing sideways. I don't even know why it's snowing. It's uncalled for. It got really warm and sunny and nice a couple weeks ago and so I just assumed winter was over. Which is really stupid considering I've lived in Ohio forever. The weather, it changes quickly here. When I moved in with Heidi, it was around April 20th or something, and I loaded all the crap from my old apartment into the moving truck on a Friday. It snowed. In April. And then the next day it was sunny and 65. This is what I mean when I say it was really stupid of me to think winter might be over.

Did anyone think Lost kind of sucked last night? Because I thought Lost kind of sucked last night. That said: SPOILER ALERT!

So, the episode opens and Kate, Hurley, and Jack are all back on the island and I was all "YESSSSSSS," although I was sort of curious about how, you know, they got back there. And then there was a flashback and it lasted the WHOLE EPISODE and I got pissed that things weren't moving faster. Also, wtf happened to Aaron? Did Kate lose him in a bet or something? And why did Ben look like he'd gotten in a fight with the smoke monster? How did Hurley know to be at the airport? Did Charlie tell him? Is that why he had a guitar? Is Charlie going to come back to life? Will he be less annoying if he does? WHY WON'T THIS SHOW ANSWER MY QUESTIONS? Anyway. Joe has been watching the show with me, which I'd imagine is really confusing for him considering he's never seen any of the other seasons. Sometimes he'll ask me a question and it goes something like this:

Joe: Who is that?
Me: Desmond.
Joe: Was he on the island?
Me: Yes, but he wasn't on the plane when it crashed.
Joe: Oh, so he was an Other?
Me: No.
Joe: . . .
Me: Heh.
Joe: But he was on the island.
Me: Yes, he sailed a boat there.
Joe: Oh.
Me: I think.

It's hard to answer questions when the backstory is so complicated that I can't even really remember because it's been 85 years since I've seen Season 1 and I've forgotten lots and lots of stuff. It's a good thing Joe has Netflix, he needs to catch up on Lost POST HASTE so he can tell me what's going on.


  1. thank you for the spoiler alert. i will return to read this post after i've watched last night's episode.

  2. I like watching the show and having no idea what's going on. I really look forward to going back and watching all of the earlier stuff, and then watching these episodes again and getting a lot more out of it.

  3. Recommendation: Have a LOST Season 1 - 4 marathon session. It will so pump you up!

    Didn't Claire tell Kate not to bring Aaron back?

    Perhaps Ben visited Widmore (an old friend)?

    Yes! Charlie must have told Hurley - very good.

    I liked the Dharma room...

    Were Jack's dad's shoes "ruby slippers"?

    I want to know why there was a Dharma polar bear in Tunsnia...

    Will Charlotte come back to life?

    Will that other Faraday chick in England regain her brain function?

    These are just some of my questions...

  4. Fraulein N1:12 PM

    Charlie probably DID tell Hurley to be at the airport. And I know they didn't want a three-year old kid running around the island, and Claire did warn Kate not to bring Aaron back, but they could have done a better job of clearing that up. (Maybe Claire's mom could take Aaron in?) Unless, of course, it's SUPPOSED to be a big mystery. I'm not convinced yet.

    I've also not forgotten about the polar bear in Tunisia, or the four-toed statue. I mean, it's hard to keep track of everything on this show but some stuff (mostly, the extra super weird shit) stands out.

  5. I've watched a LOT of old episodes, so let me know if I can try to answer anything. :)

    I have so many questions, namely about Aaron. I also want to know who beat up Ben. Maybe trying to kill Penny was that business he had to take care of? And Desmond and/or Sayid intervened? And now Sayid is in custody?

    Also, when you watched the preview and saw Locke talking to Widmore, were you like, WTF? or was that just me?