Monday, September 05, 2011

FREE HUGS but only for imaginary people

I've been rewatching Mad Men because it's now on Netflix Instant so WHY NOT? The other night, I watched one from the third season in which little Sally Draper is inconsolable with grief, sobbing, stomping her feet, screaming at her family, and they send her to watch TV. THEY SEND HER TO WATCH TV. I wanted to jump into the TV and give her a hug, smooth down her flyaway hair, and tuck her into bed, which is how I assume any decent human being would act, so of course Betty Draper whines and makes it all about her and yells at Sally for being "hysterical" and Don sits there, downing a drink and smoking.

And so here, in no particular order, are five TV characters I would like to give a big hug:

1. Sally Draper, Mad Men

Sally and her tutu of sadness.

Poor Sally. Her mom is Betty, need I say more? No, probably not, but I will. Sally Draper is the cutest, with her 60s wardrobe and little lisp and I guess Betty is nice sometimes but most of the time she can't be bothered to mother anybody, probably because she's still a child herself, but she really drops the ball with Sally. Don's not much better, since he's barely around and when he IS around, he's drunk or drinking or smoking or reading the paper or fighting with Betty. I don't know why I feel like Sally needs all the hugs and Bobby's fine but I'LL SAY IT, Bobby? Meh. They don't do much with Bobby, really, and he's been recast like fifty times, so no wonder I can't bring myself to care.

2. Matt Saracen, Friday Night Lights

I can't even tell you what episode this picture is from OR YOU WOULD CRY FOREVER.
This kid can't catch a break. Mom ran off when he was a baby. Dad's in Iraq and then OOPS SPOILERS NEVER MIND. Adorable grandma has dementia. He has to take care of his grandma, work, do all his schoolwork, he's QB1 (most of the time), and he never complains, you guys, like ever. He needs more hugs than anyone ever and not just from Julie, who only loves him when it's convenient oops that was way harsh, I didn't really mean that. Anyway, every time he has a scene with Coach or Tami Taylor, I spend most of it hoping they'll just give him a hug and if they won't, I will.

3. Hurley, Lost

Don't cry, Hurley. If you cry, I cry.
I think Hurley is actually OK now, wherever he is (sideways-heaven's-waiting-room world? the island? in Heaven doing sex with Libby?) but I just think Hurley is the most huggable TV character in all of TV.

4. The 10th Doctor, Doctor Who

Look at this face:

All byyyyyy myyyyyself...don't wanna be, aaaaaall byyyyy myself
This is the face of someone who needs a hug.

Also, [insert obligatory "I'd like to do more than just hug the 10th Doctor AMIRITE" statement here].

5. Bill Haverchuck, Freaks and Geeks

I mean, come on. If this kid doesn't need a hug, I don't know who does.


  1. I'm watching Mad Men for the first time and I LOVE IT. I'm almost finished with the second season. And yeah, already my heart is breaking for Sally. I don't care about Bobby either, mostly because all he does is stare into space and sometimes yell, "Daddy! Daddy!"

    I did feel bad for him when Don smashed his robot against the wall, though.

  2. 1. I'm really glad you're blogging here again. Long Story Short is where I first started to read your blog.
    2. Matt Saracen! Oh! My poor heart.
    3. I want to go back in time and hug Season Two Jim Halpert and tell him that everything is going to be alright.

  3. Heather, I think I like Mad Men even more the second time. You totally nailed why I don't care about Bobby. I think I felt worse for the robot in that situation. Heh.

    Gretchen, Joe keeps asking why Matt looks so sad because we haven't gotten to that season yet but I won't tell him and he's getting SO MAD. Heeheehee.

  4. Poor, poor Sally Draper. I reaaaaalllly hate Betty. She makes me want to punch my own face out.

    NUMBER FOUR. Sad :(

  5. Ugh. I just watched the end of season 3 last night and I wanted to jump into the TV and punch her face off.