Sunday, April 10, 2005

April showers

I'm going to a bridal shower today. I believe I was doing the same thing about a year ago. I'm afraid I'm reaching the age where my friends are all going to start getting married, meaning I'm going to have to wander around places like Target and Sears with 10 page lists trying to find That Very Special Salt Shaker that will make That Very Special Day even MORE special.

I got the bride's gift a couple of weeks ago. After searching Target for about half an hour for things on the list and not being able to find even ONE that I wanted to buy, I noticed that they had registered for two movies. So, I bought them 50 First Dates. Sure, it's probably the most inessential thing they'd registered for, but I think it's the most fun. Except for the bar set, but someone had already bought that (damn you, Nancy.)

I am just not a bridal/baby shower kind of person. I can "ooh" and "aww" with the best of them while the bride/mother-to-be opens gifts, but I feel so fake. I don't care about dishtowels unless they're mine, and even then I don't really care.

I've decided that I'm having my bridal/baby shower at a bar. And if it's not at a bar, there will be an OPEN bar at the shower. The only games played at my shower will be beer pong and flip cup and I'll register at the liquor store. I mean, I know I can't drink at my baby shower but that doesn't mean my friends and family can't.

See? I'm always thinking of others.

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