Monday, April 04, 2005

White Pants Waiver

My office has been closed since last Wednesday and since I've been the only one here I haven't had to worry about wearing the standard white pants and uniform shirt (thank god). Because of the White Pants Reprieve, I can wear whatever I want. I've noticed that each day I get a little sloppier.

Last Wednesday: Jeans, tennis shoes, nice shirt, regular bra

Last Thursday: Capris, t-shirt, sandals, regular bra

Last Friday: Black yoga pants, tennis shoes, t-shirt, regular bra

Today: Grey sweatpants, tennis shoes, t-shirt, sports bra (stretchy goodness)

So far, I've showered before work every day, but there's still one day of "vacation" left. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow I show up unwashed and still in my pajamas.

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