Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm alive

Ok, so I don't think this no internet thing is going to last much longer. The first couple of days I didn't miss it because I still had unpacking and shopping to do. And it hasn't really mattered yet, because I haven't even hooked up my computer.

I can tell it's going to soon be an issue, though. For instance, Monday when I got to work I almost cried with relief as I checked my e-mail. This is not normal. I don't miss cable. I watch less TV when I only have 7 channels to surf. But last night, as I was mindlessly clicking back and forth from a rerun of Will & Grace and a rerun of Frasier I could tell what I was really missing was my mouse. Sniff. My poor, neglegted mouse.

See? I've only been without regular internet access for FOUR DAYS and I'm already delusional.

Anyway, aside from the no internet, I LOVE my apartment. Once I got everything unpacked and all of the boxes torn up and in the dumpster (or in my outside storage unit because I was too tired, ok, LAZY to take them to the dumpster) I just kind of walked around the apartment, touching everything and thinking, "mine." Yes, weird, I know, but no one could see me because I was there ALONE.

Maybe I should use all the time I used to spend online learning how to cook. Sooner or later I'm going to have to learn how to cook something more complicated than what I had for dinner last night, which was a Quesadilla Hot Pocket and chips and salsa.


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