Wednesday, April 13, 2005

directionally challenged

So many people, new patients mainly, call our office asking how to get there. This happens a lot when we're at the office in Mason, which is kind of hard to find. I happily provide the address, but they ALWAYS want me to tell them EXACTLY how to get there.

I just have one question . . . do these people not know about the wonder that is Mapquest? I think that would be a lot more helpful than me telling them stuff like this: "Um . . . turn right at the light, I think the name of the street is Columbus or Columbia or maybe it's Magellan. Anyway, turn right there and then pass a gas station. Or it might be a CVS. Or a Kroger. No, it's a gas station. We're in the office buildings on the left. I mean the right. Wait, which direction are you coming from again? No, don't tell me North or South, tell me what you're driving by."

So. The lesson here. If you want to find something quickly and easily, use Mapquest. If you want to get horribly frustrated and more lost than the people on Lost, ask me for directions.

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