Monday, May 24, 2004

hit me with your best shot

I hate when you're trying not to think about something, and then out of the blue it just hits you, square in the gut. Not literally, of course.

I was just upstairs leaving a note for my mom, and I almost signed it "love, Bax." I feel like I'm not Bax anymore, I'm Jennie again. It's weird. I feel like I left this whole part of me with people at school. And in the real world, you don't get to use your nicknames. Not that I'm in the real world yet, but still, it sucks.

Also, I was watching Alias earlier (great episode, by the way, Vaughn = hotness, plus there was a great twist at the end) and I was completely into it (and if any of you watched it, you understand why, sorry about the parenthesis, I'll stop using them now) and I wasn't thinking about anything except how hot Vaughn is (I never said I'd stop talking about how hot Vaughn is--shit, I'm using parenthesis again . . . oops) when hot Vaughn's (hee) evil wife said something about a safe in Wittenberg.

Now, obviously she was talking about Germany, but it was another one of those moments of being hit in the gut by something you're trying not to think about. It was kind of odd that that happened at the precise moment Syd and hot Vaughn's evil wife were fighting and, you know, hitting each other in the gut.

I'm now realizing that this makes no sense if you don't watch Alias. Actually, even if you do it still probably doesn't make sense to anyone who does not reside in my brain.

And anyway, that's only me and Jorge.

It's starting to thunderstorm, so I should probably sign off before the computer explodes or does whatever bad thing it does when it storms. Goodnight for real this time.

PS: I just spell checked this, and it told me to replace "Vaughn" with "vaginas." Hee.

Shut up, you all know how immature I am.

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