Saturday, May 07, 2005

bumblebee tuna

Right now I am relishing the internet connection as I visit my parents and I thought I'd take the opportunity to post something inane. I miss doing that.

There's a bumblebee that flies around my porch all the time. It's ginormous. And, since I am deathly afraid of Things that Sting (as well as zombies, but there haven't been any walking undead hanging around my patio), I usually end up running inside and cowering by the screen with a can of Raid. I really hope no zombies creep onto my porch, because I don't think Raid would quite do the trick. Maybe I should buy a flame thrower.

Normally I wouldn't let Things that Sting chase me away from my own patio, but this bumblebee is unnaturally huge. Seriously. I think I saw it eat a bird yesterday.

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