Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dear Lost,

Look. I know you're like all in love with Flashbacks. And last night they weren't too bad. And next week? Although it essentially is one ginormous flashback, I'm OK with it because I'm actually interested in seeing why Ana turned into such a raging bitch. But after that? Can you and Flashbacks take a break? Thanks.

Please stop killing people off before you get to Sawyer,

Dear Walt,

Stop with the crazy backwards talking. It's creepy. Also, here is a towel.


Dear Sayid,

I'm sorry that your girlfriend died. That sucks, really, especially since she was just becoming likeable. I saw the murderous look in your eye, though. I think you might punch Ana Lucia in the face and I'm OK with that. More than OK. I'm not asking you to axe murder her, but if you could do us all a favor and shove some bamboo shoots under her fingernails that would be great.

Call me,

Dear Kate,

You're next.

The Island

Dear TV,

Can I please have my life back? Thanks in advance.


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