Sunday, November 13, 2005

my cousin ain't no holla back girl

Friday night, three boys spent the night with me.

Don't worry, they were my cousins. I have not opened a brothel, although that does sound like a fast way to make some extra cash.

I am the oldest of my cousins on both sides of the family. Most of them are at least ten years younger than I am, which means in junior high and high school I had a full babysitting calendar. Apparently, my Aunt Karen's kids, Zach, Josh, and Sammy, have been dying to see the magical place known as "Jennie's apartment," so I had them over to spend the night.

I knew the night would be fun when, in the car on the way to my apartment, they all started singing "Holla Back Girl" along with the radio. Even Zach, the 13-year-old who is too cool for everything (especially cutting his hair) got into it. And it is just lovely that I can embarrass him so easily . . . all I have to do is remind him that I used to change his diaper and his face gets so, so red. Speaking as someone who blushes at the drop of a hat, it's nice to be able to make someone else do the same. Sadistic? Maybe. But hey, that's family.

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