Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I've come undone

Today is the first day at work that we're all wearing our new uniforms. And I hate them. I flat-out, utterly despise them.

Not the whole uniform. The pants are fine. But the shirts. The odious shirts. If there was a bonfire in front of me I would totally rip off my shirt RIGHT HERE AND NOW and throw it into the blaze.

I realize I'm being overdramatic. I get that. Especially since I OKed the shirts before they were ordered. They didn't look so bad in the catalogue and I was just so happy we were doing away with the white pants that I probably would have OKed clown pants.

I feel like throwing a tantrum. "But Moooo-ooom, I don't LIKE them." Stamp my feet. Throw things. Pout. Oh wait, I already am pouting. Check!

Maybe they'll get better. (Ha!) After all, today we are wearing the color I dislike the most. The other colors aren't so bad. I know I'm being a baby. They're just clothes. Right? I should just suck it up because there are worse uniforms. At least I don't have to wear flair, right?

Nope. Still hate them.

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