Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got chocolate on my pants

and it looks like poo. Can I go home?


  1. Yes.

    Is your tag "Work sucks (I know)" from the Blink-182 song, or is that just a coincidence? And if it was on purpose, why am I just noticing now? And is it lame that I like Blink-182?

  2. DAMMIT, i keep forgetting to log into my other gmail account before commenting. :( But you know who this is.

  3. Cousin Candice4:37 PM

    I TRIPPED OVER A FORKLIFT TODAY! omg im such an effing moron. but i did get to go home - so, yes, go home!

  4. Megan (hee), it's totally the Blink 182 song. If it's lame to like Blink 182, then I am totally lame.

    Candice, I trip over stuff every day! I didn't know that meant I could go home!