Thursday, August 28, 2008

ramen noodles, lunch of champions

Someone made ramen noodles for lunch and:

A) I feel like I've traveled back in time and am sitting in Tower Hall with my Hot Pot
B) They smell delicious
C) I want to steal them


  1. Abigail12:38 PM

    uncrustables for the win!

  2. I have never had ramen noodles.


  3. Abs, I'm going to buy some of those.

    Joe, that's it, I'm making you ramen noodles this weekend. I'm pretty sure I still have my Hot Pot somewhere.

    (I know you can make ramen noodles without a Hot Pot, but it's not the same)

  4. Joe we cannot speak to you EVER again.

    Jennie - you forgot the label "WORSE POST EVER" give me something more here baby, I'm BORED AT WORK!

  5. Abigail1:32 PM

    It's actually HARD to make ramen without a hot pot. I was always a fan of the Ramen cups. So convenient!

    I'm telling you, your life will change with your first tasty uncrustable bite!

  6. Fraulein N2:03 PM

    Someone please make Joe G. some Ramen noodles. He's missing out.

  7. This one Tower Hall...I took too many caffeine pills (I was trying to get into Stanford while being in a girl band) and puked on Ramen noodles. I haven't been able to look at them since.

  8. Heidi, for your sake, I will cook the ramen noodles at Joe's, not at our apartment.

  9. I'm so excited!

    I'm so excited!

    I'm so....scared....

    (Hilarious, and applicable!)

  10. i had THE BEST ramen in vancouver. but it was REAL ramen. like, with fresh noodles and actual stuff in the broth and japanese people everywhere.