Friday, August 29, 2008

orange mocha frappuccino!

Are you guys all using Google Reader? Please tell me you are. Except, if you all tell me you ARE using Google Reader, I'll know you're lying because I know for a FACT that there are several of you out there not using it. This blows my mind. It's just like when I find out people aren't using Gmail. Are you guys all using Gmail? If you're not, please tell me and I'll send you an invite because I have 90 bajillion of them and then I'll make fun of you for a while, but it'll be OK, really, because you really should be using Gmail. You brought this on yourself.

Here is why you should be using it: your friends share things and you get to read them. And your friends will share awesome things like that David Duchovny has entered rehab for a sex addiction (WHAT?!?) and this (which will not be funny unless you've seen Zoolander).

So, for the love of pancakes, please start using Google Reader. Please? I mean, if you spend any time on the internets whatsoever, this will really organize your time-wasting. Trust me.

In other, real life, news, last night Heidi and I met Nancy at Fox & Hound because Nancy told us they had this yummy raspberry beer there. And they did. And we also got food. Because, you know, it was dinner time and the last time I had nothing but beer for dinner, I wound up hanging out with random British guys in a hotel lobby at 4 AM. True story.

When Heidi and I got there, I started digging through my purse for chapstick or something, and so I was pulling stuff out and putting it on the table. Said stuff included a book. Some manager dude came over to check on us, because we didn't have a waitress yet.

Manager Dude: Has anyone said hi to you yet?
Heidi: Nope.
Manager Dude: OK, well, hi. Oh, what are you reading?
Me: Um.
Manager Dude: I'm nosy.
Me: Persuasion. Jane Austen.
Manager Dude: Oooooh. So you're reading that for school, yeah?
Me: . . . no.

Last night, I also went to Kroger to buy ramen noodles (JOE) and I looked for Uncrustables, Abigail, but I couldn't find them. What aisle are they in? I did find chocolate covered pretzel 100 calorie packs, though, so YUM.

Then we watched Obama speak the hell out of some words. Today McCain is in Dayton to announce his running mate. I'll let you figure out which of those things I'm more excited about.


  1. Ramen noodles will surely be the highlight of my weekend. They're really all that I have to look forward to. It'll all be downhill from there.

    I'm speculating, of course.

  2. They look so happy in that jeep. Except Obama's wife, who just look surly.

    I don't use gmail or Google Reader because I like to go places and see things the old fashioned way. I also wash my clothes by beating them on rocks and use a phonograph for all of my music-listening needs. Convenience is making all you whippersnappers lazy! Lazy, I say!!! Stay off my lawn!!!

  3. I thought Michelle was just getting her groove on.

    I thank Heather Anne and Google Reader for that share, because I've definitely spent many moments of my morning mesmerized by it.

    Now I need to learn about DD's sex addiction. Not that it doesn't seem pretty self-explanatory.

  4. I think Ramen Noodles should absolutely be incorporated into Labor Day. Crack open a beer, open up a bag of chips, and throw some noodles on the grill.

    (I now totally want a beer and a bag of chips and it only 10 am and that sucks)

  5. Even I know uncrustables are in the frozen food section - at least I'm pretty sure I saw them there.

    My commute today = HELL! Uh grandpa McCain..why Dayton!?

    Did you know Ramen is SUPER high in fat? True story, its like the stuff your mom never told you until you're like 8 and you find your crusty old broken molar in the bottom on her jewelry box. high fat = no tooth fairy

  6. Joe, I really hope ramen noodles are not the highlight of your weekend or I will be really sad.

    Sir, remember when you didn't have a blog for a long time? I think you'll use Google Reader eventually. Come to the dark side. And by dark side, I mean Totally Awesome Side.

    Megan, I know, the sex addiction thing makes a lot of sense, actually.

    GSR, it might be too early for drinking (pshaw), but it's never too early for chips.

    Tam, yesterday someone brought her granddaughter to work and she was like 8 and she called John McCain an old fart. It was awesome. I wanted to high five her.

  7. yea, if someone brought an 8 year-old to work I would want to slap her too.

  8. Jennie - My entire adolescence has crumbled to the ground. I am in shock. Seriously. I thought it was a joke, BUT IT'S NOT.

  9. Gmail, check. Google Reader, check. And surprisingly, Persuasian as the book I'm reading right now, also check. Weird.

  10. Oh, Persuasion. It is the most romantic of all Austen's novels.

  11. Abigail12:52 PM

    Dude! The last time you ate at Fox and the Hound was the same night as the British guys! Crazy!

  12. You're reading, but it's not for school? What?! Who does that?! It's as if you like books or something!

  13. Tam, she was actually really cute and not annoying at all. OMG, who am I?

    Ashley, it sure sounds like a joke. Are we sure it's not a joke?

    S, I'm glad we're on the same page.

    h!a! I've never read it before. FOR SHAME.

    Abigail, I didn't even make that connection!

    Stephanie, I know, it's so weird. Who does that?

  14. Sir, if you read this, I gave in to the Google, and you will, too. I'm just sayin'.

  15. It's never too early for beer...

    Does anyone remember when they made Spicy Vegetable Ramen? That stuff was amazing. Then they stopped making it.

    GoogleReader is my girlfriend.

  16. we totally should have eaten dinner that night, btw.