Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm about to do something very bold at this job that I've never done before. Try.

I've sort of gathered from everyone I've spoken to that this is the week from hell. Also known as "WORST. DAY. EVER. week." Well, friends, it's almost over. Because it's Friday. Also, payday. And even though at the end of work yesterday, we got news that this huge project has been moved up and I will be working very, very hard for the next couple of weeks, I'm just pretending that didn't happen. Because it's Friday. Also, payday.

This is what I had for dinner last night (in order):

caramel fudge brownie
beef tenderloin and green beans
lobster bisque
tuna sandwich appetizer thingie

We went to The Taste of The Greene and there were approximately 80 bajillion people there. It cost $10, and I was a bit worried about getting my money's worth (on account of the 80 bajillion people), but then this lady came around handing out tickets for free burritos at Chipotle.

FREE BURRITOS AT CHIPOTLE. So, after we ate all that other food and gave the remainder of our tickets to Tamara and Jeremy, we got in line at Chipotle and there weren't even that many people there! I mean, yeah, the line was longer than the lunch line usually is, but FREE BURRITOS, people! I expected the line to be out the door and halfway down the block. Apparently these people do not appreciate the FREE BURRITO. Or they just hadn't made their way over there yet. Either way, I have a FREE CHIPOTLE BURRITO for lunch today.

Also, I forgot to share a really embarrassing story yesterday, and I sort of can't believe I forgot because it caused extreme mortification for approximately three weeks.

Once upon a time (high school), I worked at the library. And one night, when I went into the breakroom, some lady (I think it was a lady, I don't really remember) was back there. I thought she was just someone's friend. And then she was all, "what would you do if aliens landed on the Earth?" and I was like, "well, I would ask them to take me home with them and make me their pet," because I am incapable of giving a serious answer to any question. And she was all, "I need to take your picture now," and I was all, "what?" and she was all, "this is for the newspaper," and I was like, "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck." But I let her take my picture, because I am also a people pleaser. And I was in the paper talking about how I wanted to be ET's pet. And that's all I heard about from everyone I knew for the rest of my life. Or about three weeks. Whatever.



  2. Getting a free Chipotle Burrito right now would almost make me temporarily forget that the new Harry Potter movie has been pushed back from November of this year to July of NEXT YEAR!!! :(

  3. I'm sorry, Kat, aliens are NOT real. Not at all.

    GSR, you're making it really hard for me to pretend that didn't happen.

  4. If I had a time machine, I'd let you borrow it so you could go back and beat that psycho lady's sneaky ass. Also, $10 for lobster bisque? And tenderloin? And a free burrito? There had to be a catch, like giving blood or plasma or a finger.

  5. Well, we did have to stand in some pretty long lines.

  6. omg the lines.

    Also, I thought you were going to tell the bra story you eluded to on my blog yesterday. This story is funny, but doesn't surprise me. You also wanted to be a dinosaur's pet a few months ago. Do you really just want people to PET you?
    Odd, Jennie. Odd.

  7. Oh, the bra thing. I lost my bra streaking The Hollow at Wittenberg. My friend (who'd been with me) found it the next morning on her way back from class and hung it on the front door of my apartment. Also, she and another friend told everyone about it. It wasn't really that embarrassing, now that I think about it.

  8. you walked home braless yet didn't notice?

  9. Well, what happened was, we ran naked across The Hollow and when we got to the other side, a security car turned its headlights on. So we ran, grabbed all of our clothes, and jumped in a friend's car. I didn't notice until I was puting my clothes back on in the car that my bra was missing.

    OK, that's embarrassing.

  10. What would you do if someone in your backyard had Bigfoot in the fridge?

  11. Cousin Candice3:39 PM

    ahhh I laughed so hard. so many times at all of this. I almost cried, but that would have turned into real tears on account of my not real job. bah! what IF sneaky girl was to report on the bigfoot story right NOW?

  12. Your dinner sounds awesome. And oh my gosh, AWESOME newspaper story.

    There was totally a picture of me in the newspaper diapering a teddy bear at some babysitting clinic when I was in grade school. I had straight bangs but the rest of my hair was curly from rollers. Gotta love 1989, boyeeeee...

  13. Heehee. I forgot about the alien story. People got way too much mileage out of that.