Thursday, July 14, 2005

no more crack before bed

So, last night I had this dream that my old roommate, Liz, and I were back in the dormroom we lived in sophomore year. The entire dorm was totally run down and falling apart and even though we knew someone was going to bomb the crap out of the building at any moment (I don't know), we were up on the 10th floor looking around. Eventually, we realize that, hey the building is going to blow up and if we're inside there's a good chance that we might, you know, die. DreamLiz and DreamJennie are obviously super smart.

We start running down the stairs and it's a long way down (10th floor, people) but we're laughing about how many times we've run down the stairs during fire drills, including that one that She-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless set off with a watergun. Like, way to crack up when YOUR ASS IS BEING BOMBED, morons.

As we're running into the parking lot, the building explodes and we run into this field area that just does not even exist at the real Wittenberg. And for some reason President Douche is standing there and he shakes our hands and congratulates us on being alive or whatever. And, instead of taking the highroad FOR ONCE and just acting like a polite human being who is MEETING THE PRESIDENT (even though he is a douchebag) I start berating him and asking him what he's going to do about Karl Rove. WTF?

What does this dream mean? Either I really am, as I've always suspected, a huge asshole who would berate the leader of the free world TO HIS FACE or I've been getting too many e-mails from, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Democracy Now, etc.

Hmm. Curious.

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