Tuesday, July 05, 2005

weekend recap, short version

I thought I'd just do a quick recap of the weekend, cause I'm still pretty tired, and also because this blog is called "long story short" and not "ramble pointlessly for five paragraphs about watching fireworks."

Friday - Went to concert. Michael Tolcher was freaking awesome. Howie Day kind of blew. Mary touched Gavin Degraw.

Saturday - Went to Humane Society and almost bought a dog named Gizmo. Saw War of the Worlds. Eh. Didn't shower all day.

Sunday - Cookout at Stiffie's. Crack juice, hot dogs, beer, rum, margaritas, tequila, water, couch.

Monday - Wendy's no longer cures hangovers. Mary left. It took me three hours to shower and get dressed. Went to Aunt Karen's. Learned that cornhole is not a contact sport. Watched fireworks. Got stuck in traffic. Came home. Slept forever.

Now - Day off. Still in pajamas. For some reason have lost voice. Plans to sit on couch and watch movies all day and may possibly leave apartment to forage for food, although I still have a bunch of hotdogs left from the cookout but the thought of eating another hot dog kind of makes me never want to eat again.

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