Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday Night Lame

Isn't it strange how you always associate movies you see in the theater with the people you see them with? Let's all assume, of course, that everyone, not just me, does this because it'll make things a lot easier. Let's also all ignore the fact that I ended the first sentence of this entry with a preposition and all of my former English teachers will sleep better at night.

Am I the only one that does this? I get warm, fuzzy feelings when I watch some movies because they remind me of the person or people I saw them with. I really hope other people do this, because the more I talk about it the more I'm starting to worry that I'm the only one who remembers who was at each and every movie I've ever seen in the theater.

Anyway, as an example, I will always associate Bridget Jones's Diary with my friend and aura-twin Amy, and not just because we were (ok, ARE) obsessed with anything Mr. Darcy-related, but also because we saw that movie about five times in the theater.

When ET was re-released a couple of years ago, I went with my family to see it. It was one of my favorite movie experiences because ET was my favorite movie when I was little (explains a lot, doesn't it?) but the experience was tainted because they took out the line where Elliot calls his brother "penis breath," which everyone knows is the best and most important line of the movie.

See? They aren't all good associations. I cannot watch Bedazzled (and not just because it sucks) because it reminds me of who I saw it in the theater with (uh-oh, again with the prepositions). I saw it with two friends, one of whom I could not stand (so I guess you could say I saw it with one friend and one annoying person who only came with us because she lived next door and overheard us talking about going). The person I didn't like broke THE cardinal rule (at least for me) of the movie theater which is, "if the theater has gotten too dark to see the popcorn you're shoveling into your mouth, kindly shut the fuck up." The minute Brendan Frasier came on screen, she leaned over and asked me how old he was. That was the first of many times in the next two hours in which I wanted to smack the shit out of her.

I don't know what spawned this entry (coughWINEcough), but I'm off to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's with my cat (because I am THAT cool). Breakfast at Tiffany's will from now on always be associated with Phoebe, not because I haven't seen it before*, but because Phoebe looks exactly like Cat the, um, cat in the movie.

*incidently, I can't help but wish there were a movie theater around here that showed old movies

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