Friday, October 06, 2006

I know that patience and loyalty are good and virtuous traits. But sometimes I just think you need to grow a pair.

My friends and I have recently decided that TV is our football. And if guys can cancel all their plans on Sunday to sit around and watch football all day long, then we can have a night or two (or three) where we are unreachable because our favorite shows are on.

I see that look on your face and you can just wipe it off right now. We care just as much about our teams (The Office, Grey's Anatomy, etc.) as you do about yours (um . . . ).

In our apartment, the big TV football night is Thursday. Don't ask me to do anything on Thursday. I am unavailable. My boss needs to learn this so I no longer have to work late on Thursdays.

This morning, we've been playing a rousing TV version of the game "Marry, Do or Die" through e-mail. It's like our fantasy football, really. I give all the credit to Heidi on this one. Basically, you say three TV characters and you pick one to marry, one to do, and one to die. Seriously, it's fun. So far, we have come up with the following:

McVet, McDreamy, McSteamy
Dwight, Michael, Roy
Nigel Barker, Mister J, Miss J
O'Malley, Alex Karev, Dr. Burke
Jack, Sayid, Sawyer
Mr. Big, Aidan, Steve
Chandler, Joey, Ross
Aidan, Ross, Jim Halpert

As you can see, originally we tried to stick with three characters from all the same shows, but then we gave up. And if you don't know who some of those people are, then I think you should really consider watching more TV.

Anyway, my answers were:

Marry McDreamy, Do McSteamy, Kill McVet (Chris O'Donnell played Robin and that is so very gay)
Marry Roy, Do Michael, Kill Dwight (sorry, Dwight)
Marry Nigel Barker, Do Mister J, Kill Miss J (yes, Miss J is a man . . . I think)
Marry Dr. Burke, Do O'Malley, Kill Alex Karev (Dr. Burke can cook, fools)
Marry Sayid, Do Sawyer, Kill Jack (I've been told he cries too much)
Marry Steve, Do Big, Kill Aidan (too granola)
Marry Chandler, Do Joey, Kill Ross (Ross is too whiny)
Marry Jim Halpert, Do Jim Halpert, Kill Aidan and Ross (I cheated, yes, and I don't care)

I couldn't believe it when Heidi killed Burke and Steph killed Chandler. And they both killed Steve! Seriously?

Anyway, yeah. So, that's what I've been doing today. How is everyone else's day going? Anyone want to play? I promise not to berate you for killing Dr. Burke (if you must) like I did Heidi.

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