Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I don’t understand. We have a day honoring Martin Luther King, but he didn’t even work here.

Because I have a habit of leaving our regular-sized travel coffee cups either at work or in my car, today the only ones left in the cabinet were the giant ones that hold like four cups of coffee. So that's what I have today. It wouldn't even fit in my cupholder in the car, so I had to balance it precariously on one leg while I drove one-handed. It really is a miracle that at this very moment I am not covered with delicious, hot coffee.

I was going to take a picture of my monstrosity of a coffee cup (because that's exciting for everyone, right?) with my phone, but apparently Verizon charges $5 to send pictures. WHO. KNEW. I didn't. I mean, I should have, because Verizon is a giant, evil corporation and they charge for everything, even breathing. It's true. Because I said so.

You know what's weird and crazy and insane? When you get up early (because, say, you have to check your oil even though it's early and cold and raining and you had to park far away from your apartment because apparently everyone in your complex can drive and has their own car, even the baby down the way), you actually have time to a) shower, b) get dressed, c) dry your hair and put your makeup on, d) eat breakfast, e) watch a couple minutes of Saved by the Bell, and f) get to work on time. I may have to rethink my current system of hitting snooze five times before I drag myself out of bed and have to get ready in 20 minutes. Which is not possible without leaving out something important, like showering or feeding Phoebe. And I do not want to anger The Kitty, for fear that she will start peeing on my stuff again.

PS: I need a Halloween costume. I can't think of anything, really, besides Dora the Explorer and to quote Whitney Houston, "HELL to the NO."

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