Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I baby-sat my cousin Joey today. He's 8, and has more energy in one foot than I have in the span of a month. I'm not kidding, I don't think he stopped talking the entire time I was there, and I KNOW he spent the majority of that time asking for piggy back rides. I don't know when I turned into a horse, but I think it was about 10 years ago when my first baby-cousin was born and then they just kept coming and coming and finally my aunts and uncles have stopped spitting out babies. I always liked it a lot because by the time the first one was born, I think I was 12 and I had just completed a baby-sitting course at the rec center (I know, I'm a dork, you don't have to remind me) so I was always up to my elbows in baby-sitting jobs. It wasn't always fun and games. I love them all to death, but they can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. I watched two of them every day last summer and every day, the minute I walked in the door (at 8:30 in the morning) I was bombarded with requests (requests? actually, more like demands) to go to the bowling alley/swimming pool/Dairy Queen/skating rink/moon. And, being that they were only 7 and 10, they didn't realize that these things all cost money. Lots of money, in some cases. The only thing that didn't cost money was swimming, because we'd go to my Grandma's condo and swim in her pool, but this summer was unnaturally rainy and cool so there were only about 10 days all summer that were swimable.

They can be really funny, though. It helps that the word "booger" still makes me laugh. Because I have the mentality of a 5-year-old.

I need to go take a nap, because I told my sister I'd take her to the movies later and she'll never let me out of it, even though I'm really tired because (yet again) I stayed up really late reading (it was a really good book, get off my back) KNOWING that I had to be up early.

I suck at life.

But at least I'm good at it.

The sucking, I mean.

And please, remove your mind from the gutter, Pervy McPerverson.

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