Friday, December 05, 2003

Sooo, I was really stupid last night. I went to the bar because it was Senior Night and some of my friends were in the date auction. I only meant to stay until 11 or so. So when did I leave? At close. 2:30 AM. Good lord. I don't even remember how much I had to drink.

I'm doing a parental edit (because although my parents know this happened, I doubt they want to read the details . . . and if they do, too damn bad), and just saying that the night ended with a few of us streaking the hollow even though it was 32 degrees. And I lost my bra.

When I opened our front door this morning, I found my bra hanging from the doorknob. This isn't something that happens often, so I was confused. I found out later that Erin had found it on the way back from class.

I'm just trying to picture all the people walking by, seeing a bra on the ground, and then watching another girl stop, pick it up, and put it in her pocket.


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