Saturday, December 13, 2003

Stop shouting. My head hurts. A lot. I'm never drinking again. That's a lie. I'm going out again tonight. But really, the thought of willingly drinking beer after beer after beer . . . yikes. Right now my roommate is running the vacuum and seems to be having some trouble with it, because it sounds like she keeps banging it against the wall. I'm pretty sure that's not in the instruction manual, but whatever.

I think the worst part about drinking (aside from the vomiting and the head-spinning and the killer headache the next day, of course) is knowing that you probably made yourself look like an ass the night before, but not quite being able to remember in what way. I do remember falling down. Twice. At least not many people witnessed that. I hope. God. It wasn't all bad, of course. I actually had a lot of fun. For some reason, the bar now has a Jenga drinking game that they made. So we played that. And a couple guys from this band that plays at the bar sometimes (the band we went to Steak and Shake a couple of times with after they played) were at the bar, so we hung out with them for a little while. I'm not sure if I said anything stupid (most likely) but I found out that they're playing next Friday. So . . . cool. I can't remember if we stayed until the bar closed. I fell on the way home (fall number 1) but at least I can blame it on the fact that the entire sidewalk was covered in ice. We went back to the sorority house to get something to eat, but apparently we couldn't find anything so we went to McDonald's. I don't know why, but food tastes so much better when you're drunk. Someone should do a study.

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